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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[晶, jīng, ㄐㄧㄥ] crystal; bright, clear, radiant
Radical: Decomposition: 日 (rì ㄖˋ)  日 (rì ㄖˋ)  日 (rì ㄖˋ) 
Etymology: [ideographic] Many suns 日, suggesting a bright and glittering gem,  Rank: 1,725

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[yè jīng, ㄧㄝˋ ㄐㄧㄥ, ] liquid crystal, #3,506 [Add to Longdo]
[jīng, ㄐㄧㄥ, ] crystal, #5,742 [Add to Longdo]
[shuǐ jīng, ㄕㄨㄟˇ ㄐㄧㄥ, ] crystal, #6,794 [Add to Longdo]
[jīng tǐ, ㄐㄧㄥ ㄊㄧˇ, / ] crystal, #11,351 [Add to Longdo]
[jié jīng, ㄐㄧㄝˊ ㄐㄧㄥ, / ] a crystal; to crystallize, #11,788 [Add to Longdo]
状体[jīng zhuàng tǐ, ㄐㄧㄥ ㄓㄨㄤˋ ㄊㄧˇ, / ] lens; crystalline lens, #17,697 [Add to Longdo]
[jīng yíng, ㄐㄧㄥ ˊ, / ] crystal clear sparkle, #18,079 [Add to Longdo]
[Guō Jīng jīng, ㄍㄨㄛ ㄐㄧㄥ ㄐㄧㄥ, ] Guo Jingjing, #18,213 [Add to Longdo]
[shuǐ jīng qiú, ㄕㄨㄟˇ ㄐㄧㄥ ㄑㄧㄡˊ, ] crystal ball (in Western magic), #23,046 [Add to Longdo]
体管[jīng tǐ guǎn, ㄐㄧㄥ ㄊㄧˇ ㄍㄨㄢˇ, / ] transistor, #35,443 [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
[しょうか, shouka] (n,vs) crystallization; crystallisation [Add to Longdo]
[しょうこう, shoukou] (n) brilliant light [Add to Longdo]
[しょうし, shoushi] (n) crystallite [Add to Longdo]
[しょうせき, shouseki] (n,vs) crystallization; crystallisation [Add to Longdo]
[しょうどう, shoudou] (n) druse (globular calcium oxalate crystals, often lining a rock cavity) [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
That cute baby is the fruit of their love.あのかわいい赤ちゃんは彼らの愛の結です。
In any case why was it only mine that had a line in the LCD?そもそも何故私の物だけ液に線が入っていたのか。
You can't see too well with these LCD displays.画面は、見にくいなぁ。
His wife died leaving behind their two beloved children.彼の妻は二人の愛の結を残して死んだ。
He crystallized salt from the sea water.彼は海水から塩を結させて取り出した。
I tried this and that, blending yellow with white powders and obtaining brown, mixing crystals with powders and getting dust, combining liquids with solids and making mud.僕は、黄色い粉末を白い粉末と混ぜて茶色の粉末にしたり、結を粉末と混ぜてほこりにしたり、液体を固体と結合させて、泥を作ったりなどあれこれやってみたのだ。 [M]
Akina: Called by a man she's twice been two-timed by she, having learnt nothing, goes to meet him again.菜:二度も二股かけられた男に呼び出され性懲りもなくまた会ってしまう。

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Open Subtitles  **ระวัง คำแปลอาจมีข้อผิดพลาด**
I will allow you to mine the dragonglass and forge weapons from it.[JA] 私は竜結を採掘して武器を作る事を許可する The Queen's Justice (2017)
No lecture, Q. We're all aware of the usefulness of the microchip.[CN] 不要教学,Q 我们都知道微型片的实用性 A View to a Kill (1985)
We need this dragonglass, my lords![JA] 竜結が必要なんだ Stormborn (2017)
Let him mine the dragonglass.[JA] 竜結を掘らせればいい The Queen's Justice (2017)
Of the world microchip market.[CN] 占了全世界 微型片市场的八成 A View to a Kill (1985)
I will allow you to mine the dragonglass and forge weapons from it.[JA] 竜結の採掘と武器の製造を許可する The Spoils of War (2017)
And what does the King in the North want with dragonglass?[JA] そして 北の王は竜結で何をしたいのだ? The Queen's Justice (2017)
We know that dragonglass can destroy both white walkers and their army.[JA] 竜結なら白き亡者と軍団を破壊できる Stormborn (2017)
Volcanic glass, obsidian.[JA] 火山結 黒曜石 The Queen's Justice (2017)
You see, these microchips... are programmed to control an injection... of additional natural horse steroids... which will overcome fatigue during the race.[CN] 看,这些微型片... 能够控制注射到马匹身体里... 多余的类固醇 A View to a Kill (1985)
Dragonstone sits on a mountain of dragonglass.[JA] ドラゴンストーンの地中には 山ほどの竜結がある The Queen's Justice (2017)
One burst in outer space over the U.K., and everything with a microchip... from the modern toaster to the most sophisticated computers... and our defense systems would be rendered absolutely useless.[CN] 若在英国上空的外太空爆炸 所有镶有微型片的东西 从烤面包机到最精密的电脑 和我们的防卫系统等 都会变得没用 A View to a Kill (1985)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
[しょう, shou] KLAR, HELL;, KRISTALL [Add to Longdo]
[しょうか, shouka] Kristallisation [Add to Longdo]

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