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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[扳, bān, ㄅㄢ] to drag, to pull; to twist
Radical: Decomposition: 扌 (shǒu ㄕㄡˇ)  反 (fǎn ㄈㄢˇ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] hand

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[bān, ㄅㄢ, ] to pull or draw (up or out) [Add to Longdo]
[pān, ㄆㄢ, ] climb up; pull [Add to Longdo]
不倒儿[bān bù dǎo er, ㄅㄢ ㄅㄨˋ ㄉㄠˇ ㄦ˙, / ] tumbler; roly-poly [Add to Longdo]
[bān dòng, ㄅㄢ ㄉㄨㄥˋ, / ] to pull out; to pull a lever [Add to Longdo]
[bān zi, ㄅㄢ ㄗ˙, ] spanner; wrench [Add to Longdo]
[bān shǒu, ㄅㄢ ㄕㄡˇ, ] spanner; wrench; lever (on a machine) [Add to Longdo]
[bān jī, ㄅㄢ ㄐㄧ, / ] trigger [Add to Longdo]
道员[bān dào yuán, ㄅㄢ ㄉㄠˋ ㄩㄢˊ, / ] pointsman; switchman [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
- The only way is to dent her.[CN] - 那就把她给过来 Dédée d'Anvers (1948)
Too bad they gotta get you sooner or later.[CN] 可惜他们迟早会倒你 From Here to Eternity (1953)
And keep your fingers off of the trigger.[CN] 把你们的手指在机上松开 The Big Country (1958)
- you'd better make sure the firing pin is not rusted.[CN] 对抗印地安人, 要检查一下机是否正常 Devil's Doorway (1950)
It's very simple. You cock it. There's the trigger.[CN] 很简单 钣起这个 再扣 War and Peace (1956)
Now, understand, I don't wanna make them a group of quick-trigger men but I do want the underworld to know that when a federal agent draws his gun he's ready and equipped to shoot to kill with the least possible waste of bullets.[CN] 现在 要知道我不是想要让他们成为一群狂扣机的人 但我希望地下部门知道 当一个联邦警员开枪时 他早已准备好 并且能够用最少的子弹击中目标 'G' Men (1935)
You've got to shimmer and glow. I don't know how much longer I can turn the trick.[CN] 她们占尽光彩,我不知道什么时候我才能回来 A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)
That kid, as you call him, made a deal, and tried to shake us down.[CN] 那小子,随你怎么说 开了个价,想把我们 The Lineup (1958)
All you had to do was grab hold of the gun, jab it against her heart and squeeze the trigger.[CN] 你要做的只是抓着枪 顶着她的心脏扣动 The Blue Dahlia (1946)
Very easily... the catch is sanded.[CN] 机磨光了 Dédée d'Anvers (1948)
The only safe way would be for all of you to drag out your cannons... and bang away at the same instant like a firing squad.[CN] 唯一安全的办法就是 你们同时扣动机 就像执行枪决时一样 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)
You don't have the nerve to pull the trigger while I'm looking you in the eye.[CN] 我看着你的眼睛时 你没有胆量扣动 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)

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