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Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary (UNAPPROVED version -- use with care )
[いんせい, insei] (n ) นักศึกษาปริญญาโท

Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[院, yuàn, ㄩㄢˋ] court, yard, courtyard; school
Radical: Decomposition: 阝 (yì ㄧˋ)  完 (wán ㄨㄢˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] place

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
[いん, in] (n) (1) (hon) imperial palace; (2) emperor (or his empress, imperial princesses, etc.); (suf) (3) temple; (4) institution (esp. a government office, school, hospital, etc.); (5) suffix used in posthumous names (esp. of emperors, daimyos, etc.) [Add to Longdo]
の内外[いんのないがい, innonaigai] (n) legislative circles [Add to Longdo]
[いんがい, ingai] (n,adj-no) non-parliamentary; outside congress [Add to Longdo]
外団[いんがいだん, ingaidan] (n) nonparliamentary party association [Add to Longdo]
[いんぎ, ingi] (n) legislative decision [Add to Longdo]
[いんごう, ingou] (n) (1) (hon) former emperor (or his empress, imperial princesses, etc.); (2) (See ) posthumous Buddhist name containing the character "in" [Add to Longdo]
[いんし, inshi] (n) (abbr) (See 大学入学試験) graduate school entrance examination [Add to Longdo]
[いんじゅ, inju] (n) head of a temple [Add to Longdo]
[いんせい, insei] (n) government by cloistered emperors [Add to Longdo]
[いんせい, insei] (n) (abbr) graduate student [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
あなたが病気だと知っていたら、病へ見舞いに行っただろう。If I had known about your illness, I would have visited you in the hospital.
あなたの寄附は小児病を建設する補助として、大いに役立つでしょう。Your gift will go far towards helping to build the children's hospital.
あの白い建物は病だ。That white building is a hospital.
あの病は予約がいる。You need an appointment for that hospital.
アメリカの典型的な中流階級に生まれた赤ん坊は、病から戻ってくると自分用の部屋の自分用のベッドに寝かされる。The typical middle-class American baby comes home from the hospital to sleep in his own bed in his own room.
あれはメアリーであるはずがない。彼女は今入中だから。That can't be Mary. She is in hospital now.
イギリス国会は下と上とに分かれている。The British Parliament is divided into the House of Commons and the House of Lords.
叔母が入してから1週間して見舞いにいった。My aunt had been in the hospital for a week when I visited her.
お酒を飲んでいるうちに、彼はすっかり上機嫌になり、どれほど病がいやなものかをみんなに何度もしゃべった。As he was drinking he got very merry and kept telling everybody just how much he hated hospitals.
お母さんが入しているのだから、君はもっと頑張って働かなくちゃね。 [M]With mother in the hospital, you'll have to work harder.

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[yuàn, ㄩㄢˋ, ] courtyard; institution [Add to Longdo]
[yuàn shì, ㄩㄢˋ ㄕˋ, ] a scholar; an academician; a fellow (of an academy) [Add to Longdo]
[yuàn zi, ㄩㄢˋ ㄗ˙, ] courtyard [Add to Longdo]
[yuàn xiào, ㄩㄢˋ ㄒㄧㄠˋ, ] school or college [Add to Longdo]
[yuàn mù, ㄩㄢˋ ㄇㄨˋ, ] abbot (Christian) [Add to Longdo]
[yuàn luò, ㄩㄢˋ ㄌㄨㄛˋ, ] a court; a courtyard [Add to Longdo]
[yuàn zhǎng, ㄩㄢˋ ㄓㄤˇ, / ] president (of a university etc); department head; dean [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
[いん, in] ANSTALT, INSTITUT [Add to Longdo]

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