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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[编, biān, ㄅㄧㄢ] to knit, to weave; to arrange, to compile
Radical: Decomposition: 纟 (sī )  扁 (biǎn ㄅㄧㄢˇ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] thread

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[biān, ㄅㄧㄢ, / ] weave; plait; organize; group; arrange; edit; compile; write; compose; fabricate [Add to Longdo]
[biān xiū, ㄅㄧㄢ ㄒㄧㄡ, / ] to compile and edit [Add to Longdo]
[biān jù, ㄅㄧㄢ ㄐㄩˋ, / ] to write a play; scenario; dramatist; screenwriter [Add to Longdo]
[biān yìn, ㄅㄧㄢ ˋ, / ] compile and print; publish [Add to Longdo]
[biān shěn, ㄅㄧㄢ ㄕㄣˇ, / ] read and edit; copy editor [Add to Longdo]
[biān xiě, ㄅㄧㄢ ㄒㄧㄝˇ, / ] compile [Add to Longdo]
[biān dǎo, ㄅㄧㄢ ㄉㄠˇ, / ] to write and direct (a play, film etc); playwright-director; choreographer-director; scenarist-director [Add to Longdo]
年史[biān nián shǐ, ㄅㄧㄢ ㄋㄧㄢˊ ㄕˇ, / ] annals; chronicle [Add to Longdo]
年体[biān nián tǐ, ㄅㄧㄢ ㄋㄧㄢˊ ㄊㄧˇ, / ] in the style of annals; chronological history, the regular form of the Chinese dynastic histories [Add to Longdo]
[biān pái, ㄅㄧㄢ ㄆㄞˊ, / ] to arrange; to lay out [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
It's as though you read my mind.[CN] 也需要目过程 我专门留给了你 Mudmare (2017)
In fact, what could be manlier than fucking another guy in the ass?[CN] 我不知道他真实的声音 这是我 Deep in the Heart of Texas: Dave Chappelle Live at Austin City Limits (2017)
My name is Hotaru. Thank you for choosing me.[CN] 您好 我是辑部的樱井 Emotions (2017)
They're library reference numbers.[CN] 不清楚,有好几处,都是八位码。 The Secret of the Flame Tree (2017)
Okay, I see your point.[CN] 因为比起我 杰森更擅长目过程 Mudmare (2017)
Now, I'm inviting you to come to me.[CN] 《世界论》 终于确定要改成电影了 Disbanded (2017)
It's not going to be that easy.[CN] 那是因为 作为责任辑的我能力不足 Appeal (2017)
It's a pity that my works sit side-by-side with that thing.[CN] 现在最受到大家期待 改成电影的就是 《世界论》与《飘忽不定的情感》 这两部作品 Ready (2017)
It will probably sell now.[CN] 你是道间慎的责任辑吧? Appeal (2017)
Good.[CN] 事实是 我其实也不是很想 擅长目过程 Mudmare (2017)
What the fuck does that mean?[CN] 那个王八蛋胡乱造 想煽动同性恋来扁我 Deep in the Heart of Texas: Dave Chappelle Live at Austin City Limits (2017)
Maybe I should go and look for her.[CN] 首先我们请 桑美巴提斯 的长期助手和辑 宝翠莎 致辞。 The Secret of the Flame Tree (2017)

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