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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[甫, fǔ, ㄈㄨˇ] to begin; man, father; great; a distance of ten li
Radical: Decomposition: 十 (shí ㄕˊ)  用 (yòng ㄩㄥˋ) 
Etymology: []

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[fǔ, ㄈㄨˇ, ] just; just now [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Yusuf is worse than your mother.[CN] 玉素还不如你母亲 White Moon (2014)
The cripple, Yusuf, is beyond reproach.[CN] 那个跛子 玉素 无从谴责 White Moon (2014)
Should I trust you, Yusuf?[CN] 我该信任你吗 玉素 White Moon (2014)
Vice Regent Yusuf himself concurs with me.[CN] 副摄政玉素的想法跟我一致 White Moon (2014)
Yusuf hides behind his words.[CN] 玉素此人城府颇深 White Moon (2014)
That's Vice Regent Yusuf's domain.[CN] 副摄政王玉素就只负责财政之事 White Moon (2014)
Vice Regent Yusuf gave his life to give you this opportunity.[CN] 副摄政王玉素付出性命 才让你得此机会 切勿忘记这一点 The Heavenly and Primal (2014)
Thank you. It's positively Pavlovian.[CN] 绝对是巴洛夫风味的 It's positively Pavlovian. Memories of Murder (2015)
Even if they don't wanna answer, teenagers can have a Pavlovian response to a ringing cell phone.[CN] 即使他們不想回答, 青少年可以有一個振鈴的手機巴洛夫反應。 May Be the Last Time (2014)
Teaching high school finally turned you into a bitter old coot, huh?[JA] 高校教自~ま手厳しL丶ね Evil Dead (2013)
50% of it belonged to the ministry of propaganda under Goebbels and the other 50% to the ministry of foreign affairs under Ribbentrop.[CN] 它的50%属于戈培尔旗下的宣传部, 另外50%属于里宾特洛旗下的外交部。  ()
He and your brother learned as much on their trek as Yusuf did flaying the skin off the assassin's bones.[CN] 他和你兄弟在途中查出的消息 就跟玉素对刺客抽筋剥骨问出的一样 White Moon (2014)

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