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Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary
[はかせ, hakase] (n) ดอกเตอร์
物館[はくぶつかん, hakubutsukan] (n) พิพิธภัณฑ์

Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary (UNAPPROVED version -- use with care )
士論文[はくしろんぶん, hakushironbun] (n) วิทยานิพนธ์ระดับปริญญาเอก

Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[博, bó, ㄅㄛˊ] to gamble, to play games; to win; rich, plentiful, extensive; wide, broad
Radical: Decomposition: 十 (shí ㄕˊ)  尃 (fū ㄈㄨ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] ten

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
[はく(P);ばく, haku (P); baku] (n-suf) (1) doctor; PhD; (2) exposition; fair; exhibition; (P) [Add to Longdo]
[はくす, hakusu] (v5s,vt) (1) to win; to gain; to earn; (2) to spread (one's name, etc.) [Add to Longdo]
する[はくする, hakusuru] (vs-s,vt) (1) to win; to gain; to earn; (2) to spread (one's name, etc.) [Add to Longdo]
[はくあい, hakuai] (n,adj-no) charity; benevolence; philanthropy; (love for) humanity; fraternity; brotherhood; brotherly love; love of fellow man; (P) [Add to Longdo]
愛家[はくあいか, hakuaika] (n) philanthropist [Add to Longdo]
愛主義[はくあいしゅぎ, hakuaishugi] (n) philanthropism [Add to Longdo]
愛主義者[はくあいしゅぎしゃ, hakuaishugisha] (n) philanthropist [Add to Longdo]
[はくいん, hakuin] (n,vs) extensive references (in a text) [Add to Longdo]
引旁証;引傍証[はくいんぼうしょう, hakuinboushou] (n,vs) citing copious references [Add to Longdo]
[ばくが;はくが, bakuga ; hakuga] (adj-na,n) well-informed; accomplished (individual); extensive knowledge [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
彼女は日曜にはその物館に行くのが常だった。She used to go to the museum on Sundays.
彼女は士号を取得した。She received a doctor's degree.
彼女は物館までタクシーで行った。She went by cab to the museum.
牧野士は多くの人々に尊敬されている。Dr. Makino is looked up to by many people.
木村士から、あなたがこの分野の第一人者だと伺いました。Dr. Kimura gave me your name as the leading scholar in this field.
野口英世士は1928年にアフリカで亡くなった。Dr. Hideo Noguchi died in Africa in 1928.
旅行で行く大英物館について情報をかき集めよう。Let's get the low-down on the British Museum for our trip.
「直る見込みは?」「システム開発チームのシュバイシェン士が現在闘病中のため、もう暫くはかかるかと・・・」"Prospects for repair?" "Prof. Shubaishen, the leader of the system development team, is presently unwell so we think it will take a while longer ..."
初心者はマーテン士の本を使わなさすぎてもいいと思う。I think it is all right for beginners to take great pains to avoid using Dr Martin's book.
文は天井にグラスファイバーの断熱材を入れた。Hirofumi installed fibreglass insulation in the ceiling.

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[bó, ㄅㄛˊ, ] extensive; ample; rich; obtain; aim; to win; to get; rich; plentiful; to gamble [Add to Longdo]
伊西[Bó yī xī, ㄅㄛˊ ㄧ ㄒㄧ, 西] Boise, Idaho [Add to Longdo]
[bó dòng, ㄅㄛˊ ㄉㄨㄥˋ, / ] pulsation; to throb [Add to Longdo]
[bó qǔ, ㄅㄛˊ ㄑㄩˇ, ] try to gain; court [Add to Longdo]
[Bó gǔ, ㄅㄛˊ ㄍㄨˇ, ] Bo Gu (1907-1946), Soviet trained Chinese communist, journalist and propagandist, 1930s left adventurist, subsequently rehabilitated, killed in air crash [Add to Longdo]
古通今[bó gǔ tōng jīn, ㄅㄛˊ ㄍㄨˇ ㄊㄨㄥ ㄐㄧㄣ, ] conversant with things past and present; erudite and informed [Add to Longdo]
[bó shì, ㄅㄛˊ ㄕˋ, ] doctor; court academician (in feudal China); Ph.D. [Add to Longdo]
士学位[bó shì xué wèi, ㄅㄛˊ ㄕˋ ㄒㄩㄝˊ ㄨㄟˋ, / ] doctoral degree; PhD; same as Doctor of Philosophy 哲學士學位|哲学士学位 [Add to Longdo]
士后[bó shì hòu, ㄅㄛˊ ㄕˋ ㄏㄡˋ, / ] postdoc; a postdoctoral position [Add to Longdo]
士买驴[bó shì mǎi lǘ, ㄅㄛˊ ㄕˋ ㄇㄞˇ ㄌㄩˊ, / ] lit. the scholar buys a donkey (成语 saw); fig. long-winded verbiage that never gets to the point; a saw mocking scholastic pomposity [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: COMPDICT Dictionary
物館[はくぶつかん, hakubutsukan] museum [Add to Longdo]
物館学[はくぶつかんがく, hakubutsukangaku] museology [Add to Longdo]
物館資料[はくぶつかんしりょう, hakubutsukanshiryou] museum [Add to Longdo]
物館資料記録技術[はくぶつかんしりょうきろくぎじゅつ, hakubutsukanshiryoukirokugijutsu] museography [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
[はく, haku] AUSGEDEHNT, WEIT, BREIT, VIEL [Add to Longdo]
[はくし, hakushi] Doktor, Doktorgrad [Add to Longdo]
[はくし, hakushi] Doktor, Doktorgrad [Add to Longdo]
[はくがく, hakugaku] Gelehrsamkeit, umfassende_Bildung [Add to Longdo]
[はくあい, hakuai] Menschenliebe, Philanthropie [Add to Longdo]
物館[はくぶつかん, hakubutsukan] Museum [Add to Longdo]
覧会[はくらんかい, hakurankai] Ausstellung [Add to Longdo]

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