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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[奋, fèn, ㄈㄣˋ] to strive, to exert effort; to arouse
Radical: Decomposition: 大 (dà ㄉㄚˋ)  田 (tián ㄊㄧㄢˊ) 
Etymology: [ideographic] A man 大 working on the farm 田

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[fèn, ㄈㄣˋ, / ] exert oneself [Add to Longdo]
不顾身[fèn bù gù shēn, ㄈㄣˋ ㄅㄨˋ ㄍㄨˋ ㄕㄣ, / ] to dash ahead regardless of the danger [Add to Longdo]
[fèn lì, ㄈㄣˋ ㄌㄧˋ, / ] to do everything one can; to spare no effort; one's best [Add to Longdo]
[fèn yǒng, ㄈㄣˋ ㄩㄥˇ, / ] dauntless; to summon up courage and determination; using extreme force of will [Add to Longdo]
[fèn zhàn, ㄈㄣˋ ㄓㄢˋ, / ] to fight bravely [Add to Longdo]
武扬威[fèn wǔ yáng wēi, ㄈㄣˋ ˇ ㄧㄤˊ ㄨㄟ, / ] a show of strength [Add to Longdo]
[fèn fā, ㄈㄣˋ ㄈㄚ, / ] to rouse to vigorous action; energetic mood [Add to Longdo]
发图强[fèn fā tú qiáng, ㄈㄣˋ ㄈㄚ ㄊㄨˊ ㄑㄧㄤˊ, / ] to work energetically for prosperity (of the country) [Add to Longdo]
笔疾书[fèn bǐ jí shū, ㄈㄣˋ ㄅㄧˇ ㄐㄧˊ ㄕㄨ, / ] to write at a tremendous speed [Add to Longdo]
[fèn qǐ, ㄈㄣˋ ㄑㄧˇ, / ] to rise vigorously; a spirited start [Add to Longdo]

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