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ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Sandstone Two Eight. I've RV'd with chief of police.[JA] こちらサンドストーン28 警察署長とRVに乗る Kilo Two Bravo (2014)
What do you do in your rv?[JA] RVの中で何をしてた? Prisoners (2013)
Don't tell me where you're from.[JA] わしらは ただ通りすがりだ RVに乗ってきた Red Letter Day (2013)
I go back, get the RV, circle around the woods on Redding.[JA] 俺はRV車を取りに戻る レディング道で− Thank You (2015)
Tell me about your rv.[JA] RVについて話してくれ Prisoners (2013)
We haven't found any physical evidence inside the rv.[JA] RVの中に 物的証拠はなかった Prisoners (2013)
Uh, uh, m-my son already told you that the guy was inside the rv just watchin' 'em, right?[JA] 息子がRVの中の男が 二人を見ていたと 話しましたね Prisoners (2013)
If he can't answer a question...[JA] RVをどうして運転できる? Prisoners (2013)
The RV was parked over on Fairmont circle?[JA] RVをフェアモントロータリーに 停めていたか? Prisoners (2013)
What music do you listen to in your RV when you're alone?[JA] RVの中ではどんな 音楽を聴いている? Prisoners (2013)
You know, I believed I could be brave, that I could be a survivor like Abraham was, and ridin' that RV into the sunset was... some of the greatest 37 minutes of my existence.[JA] 勇敢になれると思った エイブラハムのように 夕暮れに RV車を運転した... Something They Need (2017)
We'll use the RVs, some of the bigger trucks, park them end to end.[JA] RV車や大きなトラック 隅々に停める First Time Again (2015)

Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
อบายมุข[n.] (abāiyamuk) EN: way to hell ; ruin ; vice ; temptation ; allurements which lead to ruin ; evil path   FR: vice [m] ; perversité [f]
แอ่น[v.] (aen) EN: be curved up ; be bent down ; bend the back ; lean back ; sag   FR: être recourbé
แอ่น[adj.] (aen) EN: bent ; curved   FR: courbé ; bombé
แอบดู[v. exp.] (aēp dū) EN: peep at ; peek at ; steal a glance at   FR: épier ; regarder en douce ; observer secrètement
อาหารกระป๋อง[n. exp.] (āhān krapǿng) EN: canned food ; tinned foods   FR: nourriture en conserve [f] ; nourriture en boîte [f]
อาหารพร้อมแล้ว[n. exp.] (āhān phrøm laēo) FR: le repas est servi ; le repas est prêt
อำมาตย์ [n.] (ammāt) EN: elite bureaucrats ; high-ranking civil servants ; elite   FR: élite bureaucratique [f] ; nomenklatura [f] ; aristocratie [f]
อมตะ[n.] (ammata) EN: nirvana   FR: nirvana [m]
อำมาตยาธิปไตย = อมาตยาธิปไตย[n. exp.] (ammāttayāthippatai = ammāttayāthipatai = amāttayāthippatai) EN: bureaucratic polity ; government by bureaucracy ; government by civil servants   
อำนาจดุลพินิจ[n. exp.] (amnāt dunlaphinit) FR: pourvoir discrétionnaire [m]

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