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ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Now, prepare to launch a single AGM-114 Hellfire.[JA] 今 AGM -114ヘルファイアを 発射する準備をして Eye in the Sky (2015)
You're providing entertainment?[JA] 君がBGM係? Gosford Park (2001)
Were you able to reach the Warsaw police?[JA] これが 君にとってのBGMか? Ancient History (2013)
And everyone would just kind of talk over it.[JA] みんなそれを BGMにして話してた La La Land (2016)
And when you're done, maybe you could take over General Motors.[JA] それからGMでも 乗っ取れ Jersey Boys (2014)

Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
อ่านคำพิพากษาคดี[v. exp.] (ān khamphiphāksā khadī) EN: pronounce a judgement/judgment (Am.)   
แบบฉบับ[n.] (baēpchabap) EN: model ; pattern ; example ; archetype ; ideal ; paradigm ; standard ; prototype ; paragon   FR: modèle [m] ; standard [m]
แบบอย่าง[n.] (baēpyāng) EN: model ; pattern ; example ; archetype ; ideal ; paradigm ; standard ; prototype ; paragon   FR: exemple [m] ; modèle [m]
บังคับคดีตามคำพิพากษา[v. exp.] (bangkhap khadī tām khamphiphāksā) EN: enforce a judgement/judgment (Am.)   
เบ็ดเตล็ด[adj.] (bettalet) EN: miscellaneous ; sundry ; various ; varied ; piecemeal ; small and varied ; fragmentary   FR: divers
บุบ[v.] (bup) EN: be pounded lightly ; be distorted ; be dented out of shape ; be crushed lightly ; be ground into fragments   FR: être bosselé ; être cabossé
เชาวน์ปัญญา[n. exp.] (chāo panyā) EN: intelligence ; judgement ; judgment (Am.)   
เฉื่อย[adj.] (cheūay) EN: inert ; slow ; mild ; gentle ; passive ; tardy ; sluggish ; phegmatic ; impassive   FR: lent ; inerte ; apathique ; traînard ; mollasson
เชียงใหม่[n. prop.] (Chieng Mai) EN: Chiang Mai (North)   FR: Chiangmai (Nord)
ชิ้น[n.] (chin) EN: piece ; slice ; fragment ; lump ; chunk ; flake ; part ; bit   FR: morceau [m] ; tranche [f] ; bout [m]

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