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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
[つや, tsuya] (adj-na,n) charming; fascinating; voluptuous [Add to Longdo]
[つや, tsuya] (n) (1) gloss; glaze; (2) charm; romance; love; youthfulness; (3) color; colour; feeling; (P) [Add to Longdo]
々(P);[つやつや, tsuyatsuya] (adv,n) glossy; bright; slick; (P) [Add to Longdo]
々しい;しい[つやつやしい, tsuyatsuyashii] (adj-i) glossy [Add to Longdo]
っぽい[つやっぽい, tsuyappoi] (adj-i) romantic; spicy; coquettish [Add to Longdo]
の有る声;のある声[つやのあるこえ, tsuyanoarukoe] (n) charming voice [Add to Longdo]
めかしい;かしい;生めかしい;媚かしい(iK)[なまめかしい, namamekashii] (adj-i) charming; captivating; bewitching; seductive; coquettish [Add to Longdo]
めかしい姿[なまめかしいすがた, namamekashiisugata] (n) (See めかしい) bewitching figure [Add to Longdo]
めかしい目付き[なまめかしいめつき, namamekashiimetsuki] (n) coquettish eyes [Add to Longdo]
めく[つやめく, tsuyameku] (v5k,vi) (1) (for an object) to be shiny; (2) (for a woman) to be alluring; to look sexy [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
This soap will improve her complexion.この石鹸を使えば彼女の顔の色がよくなるだろう。
#B: 衣裳 乃{の} やか{あでやかな} 乱れ は 秘かに 猥ら 心(こころ) を 唆る{そそる}

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Does it look glossier?[JA] 々にみえるかしら? Gliding Over All (2012)
I also have a black-tie dinner tonight, and I need a new polish, something bold.[JA] 私も今夜略式礼装の 夕食を取るの それで 新しい出し 大胆なものが必要なの Panopticon (2014)
One look was enough to link our hearts forever[CN] 泊碞みΤ Girls (2014)
It's always seemed a bit shiny to me.[JA] 少しがあり過ぎる Diamonds Are Forever (2015)
There's brushes and polish in my desk.[JA] ブラシと出し剤は 机にある Fast (2016)
- Why didn't the chef, who has a refined palate and superior olfactory skills, smell the toxin that was covering his skin?[CN] - ぐ或 谋庇綰 跺谋庇紁畍 ⊿Τ籇ō瑀㎡ Food for Thought (2014)
You conceptually lose your human identity And become the spirit represented by the mask --[CN] 碞ア摸ō τΘㄣ... Burden of Proof (2014)
Killing is killing.[JA] いくら肌が々していても 人を殺したら殺人なんです The Gentle Twelve (1991)
Subtle. Maybe danielle had a boyfriend Who used the cork killing as inspiration?[CN] 痷稬М ┪砛DanielleΤ 稰τ炳╧ね? Burden of Proof (2014)
What am I hearing right now? And the psychic told you that? Yo.[CN] 碈禗痷ц 22 Jump Street (2014)
She feeds on these young kids she has improved her stamina[JA] その子達を喰らい 月光の精を受けて 妖なからだを保つのです The Monkey King 2 (2016)
The deposit left on the clay creates this beautiful patina over time.[JA] 土に残った物質が 時間が経つにつれ 美しいを作ります The Blind Banker (2010)

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