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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[翻, fān, ㄈㄢ] to upset, to capsize, to flip over
Radical: Decomposition: 番 (fān ㄈㄢ)  羽 (yǔ ㄩˇ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] wings

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
す(P);飜す[ひるがえす, hirugaesu] (v5s,vt) (1) (See 身をす) to turn over; to turn around; (2) to change (one's mind); to reverse (one's decision); to take back (one's words); (3) to fly (flag, etc.); to wave (skirt, cape, etc.); (P) [Add to Longdo]
って;飜って[ひるがえって, hirugaette] (adv) conversely; from another angle [Add to Longdo]
って考えると[ひるがえってかんがえると, hirugaettekangaeruto] (exp) on second thought; on (further) reflection [Add to Longdo]
る(P);飜る[ひるがえる, hirugaeru] (v5r,vi) to turn over; to wave; to flutter; (P) [Add to Longdo]
[ほんあん, hon'an] (n,vs,adj-no) adaptation (of story, text); (P) [Add to Longdo]
[ほんい, hon'i] (n,vs) change one's mind; (P) [Add to Longdo]
雲覆雨[ほんうんふくう, hon'unfukuu] (n) fickle friendship [Add to Longdo]
[ほんおん, hon'on] (n) {comp} transcription [Add to Longdo]
筋斗[もんどり;もどり, mondori ; modori] (n) (uk) somersault [Add to Longdo]
[ほんこく, honkoku] (n,vs) reprint [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
あなたにこの本を英語に訳してもらいたい。I'd like you to translate this book into English.
あなたは英語を日本語に訳できますか。Can you translate English into Japanese?
あの訳は原文に忠実だそうだ。That translation is said to be true to the original.
この1節を読み、日本語に訳せよ。Read this passage and translate it into Japanese.
この言葉はうまく訳できない。This word does not translate well.
この詩を訳することは私には難しすぎる。Translating this poem is too much for me.
この資料を訳するにはたいへんな忍耐を必要とする。Translating this material calls for a lot of patience.
この場合は、訳は事実上不可能だ。In this case, translation is, in effect, impossible.
この本は何回か訳されている。This book has undergone several translations.
この本を訳するのにどれくらい時間がかかりましたか。How long did it take you to translate this book?

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[fān, ㄈㄢ, ] to turn over; to flip over; to overturn; to translate; to decode [Add to Longdo]
[fān zuò, ㄈㄢ ㄗㄨㄛˋ, ] to compose; to write words to a tune [Add to Longdo]
来覆去[fān lái fù qù, ㄈㄢ ㄌㄞˊ ㄈㄨˋ ㄑㄩˋ, / ] to toss and turn (sleeplessly); again and again [Add to Longdo]
[fān gòng, ㄈㄢ ㄍㄨㄥˋ, ] to retract testimony; to withdraw a confession [Add to Longdo]
[fān xiū, ㄈㄢ ㄒㄧㄡ, ] to rebuild (house or road); to overhaul [Add to Longdo]
[fān dǎo, ㄈㄢ ㄉㄠˇ, ] to overturn; to overthrow; to capsize; to collapse [Add to Longdo]
[fān dòng, ㄈㄢ ㄉㄨㄥˋ, / ] turn over (one's hand) [Add to Longdo]
[fān yìn, ㄈㄢ ˋ, ] reprint; to reissue; to publish a new edition [Add to Longdo]
[fān zuǐ, ㄈㄢ ㄗㄨㄟˇ, ] to withdraw a remark; to quarrel [Add to Longdo]
天覆地[fān tiān fù dì, ㄈㄢ ㄊㄧㄢ ㄈㄨˋ ㄉㄧˋ, ] world-shaking; drastic turn-about [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: COMPDICT Dictionary
[ほんおん, hon'on] transcription [Add to Longdo]
[ほんじ, honji] transliteration [Add to Longdo]
[ほんやく, honyaku] translatiion (vs), rendering [Add to Longdo]
[ほんやく, honyaku] translation (vs) [Add to Longdo]
訳アセンブラ指示文[ほんやくあせんぶらしじぶん, honyakuasenburashijibun] assembler directive [Add to Longdo]
訳コンパイラ指示文[ほんやくこんぱいらしじぶん, honyakukonpairashijibun] compiler directive [Add to Longdo]
訳テーブル[ほんやくテーブル, honyaku te-buru] translation table [Add to Longdo]
訳プログラム[ほんやくプログラム, honyaku puroguramu] translator, translation program [Add to Longdo]
訳プログラム指示文[ほんやくプログラムしじぶん, honyaku puroguramu shijibun] translator directive [Add to Longdo]
訳ルーチン[ほんやくルーチン, honyaku ru-chin] compiler [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
[ひるがえす, hirugaesu] (etwas) umkehren, (seine Meinung) aendern, (Fahne) flattern_lassen [Add to Longdo]
[ひるがえる, hirugaeru] sich_wenden, flattern [Add to Longdo]
[ほんろう, honrou] sein_Spiel_treiben (mit), jemanden_zum_besten_haben [Add to Longdo]
[ほんい, hon'i] seine_Gesinnung_aendern [Add to Longdo]
[ほんあん, hon'an] Bearbeitung (Text) [Add to Longdo]
[ほんやく, honyaku] Uebersetzung, uebersetzen [Add to Longdo]

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