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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[穹, qióng, ㄑㄩㄥˊ] vast, lofty, high; vault, dome, arch
Radical: Decomposition: 穴 (xué ㄒㄩㄝˊ)  弓 (gōng ㄍㄨㄥ) 
Etymology: [ideographic] An arched 弓 vault 穴; 弓 also provides the pronunciation

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
窿[きゅうりゅう, kyuuryuu] (n) (1) vault (a poetic term for clear skies); (2) dome [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[qióng, ㄑㄩㄥˊ, ] arch; a dome; a vault; lofty; vast [Add to Longdo]
[qióng qiū, ㄑㄩㄥˊ ㄑㄧㄡ, ] dome [Add to Longdo]
[qióng lú, ㄑㄩㄥˊ ㄌㄨˊ, / ] a yurt (round tent) [Add to Longdo]
[qióng xíng, ㄑㄩㄥˊ ㄒㄧㄥˊ, ] arched; dome-shaped [Add to Longdo]
窿[qióng lóng, ㄑㄩㄥˊ ㄌㄨㄥˊ, 窿] a dome; a vault; the sky [Add to Longdo]
[qióng lèi, ㄑㄩㄥˊ ㄌㄟˋ, ] a rib of an arch [Add to Longdo]
[qióng cāng, ㄑㄩㄥˊ ㄘㄤ, / ] the sky; the firmament; the vault of heaven [Add to Longdo]
[qióng dǐng, ㄑㄩㄥˊ ㄉㄧㄥˇ, / ] a dome; a vault; a domed roof [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
The sky![CN] 看这苍! The sky! Episode #1.1 (2015)
Soaring across the azure skies[JA] 200)}蒼を舞う Can't Look Into His Eyes: Prelude to the Counterattack, Part 1 (2013)
Look closer.[CN] 环境安全部 宣布进入紧急状态 一号顶坍塌 Here There Be Dragons (2017)
When would I build a dome?[CN] 我什么时候有时间盖顶? Taking Stock (2014)
"The hills that split asunder And the black that ate the skies[CN] "山丘离析分崩 "黑云遮蔽苍 Kill the Boy (2015)
Of the Sistine Chapel's cieilin'[CN] 偷去西斯廷瑰丽的顶 Of the Sistine Chapel's c: eilin' The Pirate Fairy (2014)
Do not you tire of boats and the fiery firmament?[CN] 你还没画够船只和烈焰的苍吗? Do not you tire of boats and the fiery firmament? Mr. Turner (2014)
You know, it's not too late to build a small geodesic dome in here.[CN] 你知道吗 现在在这里盖个小顶 还不算太晚 Taking Stock (2014)
Soaring across the azure skies[JA] 200)}蒼を舞う Female Titan: The 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls, Part 1 (2013)
This is the same batch that was used yesterday in the Mega Dome.[CN] 这是相同的批次 昨天在超级顶使用, Dead Rising: Watchtower (2015)
Soaring across the azure skies[JA] 200)}蒼を舞う Bite: The 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls, Part 3 (2013)
Bob, you had a car that flew off a cliff.[CN] 帅裂苍 This is masterful. The Dream Team (2016)

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