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Possible hiragana form: あいは
English-Thai: HOPE Dictionary [with local updates]
aihaabbr. autoimmune hemolytic anemia

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
そうでない場合は[そうでないばあいは, soudenaibaaiha] (exp) if this is not the case [Add to Longdo]
そのこと自体は[そのことじたいは, sonokotojitaiha] (exp) as such .... [Add to Longdo]
はいはい;へいへい[, haihai ; heihei] (int) (col) (See はい) yeah, yeah (used for half-hearted or insincere agreement) [Add to Longdo]
アジア開発銀行[アジアかいはつぎんこう, ajia kaihatsuginkou] (n) Asian Development Bank [Add to Longdo]
アプリケーション開発[アプリケーションかいはつ, apurike-shon kaihatsu] (n) {comp} application development [Add to Longdo]
アプリケーション開発システム[アプリケーションかいはつシステム, apurike-shon kaihatsu shisutemu] (n) {comp} application development system [Add to Longdo]
アプリケーション開発ツール[アプリケーションかいはつツール, apurike-shon kaihatsu tsu-ru] (n) {comp} application development tool [Add to Longdo]
アプリケーション開発環境[アプリケーションかいはつかんきょう, apurike-shon kaihatsukankyou] (n) {comp} Application Development Environment; ADE [Add to Longdo]
アプリケーション開発言語[アプリケーションかいはつげんご, apurike-shon kaihatsugengo] (n) {comp} application development language [Add to Longdo]
アプリケーション開発者[アプリケーションかいはつしゃ, apurike-shon kaihatsusha] (n) {comp} application developer; applications developer; applications programmer [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: COMPDICT Dictionary
アプリケーション開発[アプリケーションかいはつ, apurike-shon kaihatsu] application development [Add to Longdo]
システム開発[システムかいはつ, shisutemu kaihatsu] system development [Add to Longdo]
ソフトウェア開発[ソフトウェアかいはつ, sofutouea kaihatsu] software development [Add to Longdo]
屋内配線[おくないはいせ, okunaihaise] internal wiring (within a building) [Add to Longdo]
改版管理[かいはんかんり, kaihankanri] revision management [Add to Longdo]
改版理由[かいはんりゆう, kaihanriyuu] reason for revision, reason for modification [Add to Longdo]
開発キット[かいはつキット, kaihatsu kitto] development kit [Add to Longdo]
開発グループ[かいはつグループ, kaihatsu guru-pu] development group [Add to Longdo]
開発コスト[かいはつコスト, kaihatsu kosuto] development cost [Add to Longdo]
開発ツール[かいはつツール, kaihatsu tsu-ru] development tool [Add to Longdo]

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