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ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
The Mandelbrot set of complex numbers is a little messy.[CN] 高次Mandelbrot集的复杂数字 才叫有一点凌乱 The Big Bran Hypothesis (2007)
I'll take five minutes of a situation I can control over 50 years of one I can't any day.[CN] 磴咪漤 轻释咩 儒Ç 轴 冗隧Ñ 沅 毋禹? Buried (2006)
The book is bound in human flesh and inked in human blood.[CN] 遣本害用 人皮儡乍圭寸面 用 人血害 Evil Dead (2013)
You think I give a damn about the money?[CN] 檬黉漤 缅抒 惹徜捩峡 娩? 卺 闱 彐 盅嫜í Buried (2006)
Is that correct, Dr. Wilkes?[CN] 乘以n的p次 Times "n" to the power of "p." Smoke & Mirrors (2016)
But the one good thing is confession.[CN] 轴 闱 儒 彐 轻勤恃禽 沐闱 咔? Buried (2006)
See, that's what's good about confession, you know, 'cause you say something, you get it off your chest and... it just goes out there into the whole world.[CN] 轴 闱 惹崆谑亚Ý 崦溥 兽驷 皂魄餦N... ? Buried (2006)
When your mother died, well, to be honest, we weren't sure whether Martin's gonna crack or not.[CN] ダ克 ρ龟弧 иぃ絋﹚皑穦ぃ穦ぃ Abduction (2011)
I... kept just missing him.[CN] 滔丘 咪? 葬 蓓 轻陪忧? Buried (2006)
They took away the Zekes' exponential power.[CN] 他们拿走 Zekes指数. World War Z (2013)
They're identified by numbers that are the power of a prime.[CN] 它们是以质数的来标示的. Cube (1997)
Uh, what's it like being with the African persuasion anyhow?[CN] 嗜湘 轻晚巧 阙 轻闾抒? 轻秧揄¿ Buried (2006)

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