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Possible hiragana form: ふい
ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
♪ Nos fuimos pa' el bar, baby, go, look suave ♪Nos fuimos pa' el bar, baby, go, look suave The Spanish Teacher (2012)
Does she know that Pakistan is a fuII-fIedged country and not just a cricket team?เธอรู้ไหมว่าปากีสถาน เป็นชนบทเต็มขั้น แล้วก็ไม่มีทีมคลิกเก็ต ฉันหมายถึง Namastey London (2007)
From part-time lovers, to fuII-time Iive-in lovers.จากรักหลบๆซ่อนๆ เป็นรักที่เปิดเผย Namastey London (2007)
Fui ni kieta kodou The throbbing which suddenly disappearedสั่นสะท้านและลอยหายไป Fui ni kieta kodou 5 Centimeters Per Second (2007)
In eius telephoni non fuit.The Ghost Network (2008)
Bene ubi fuit.Bene ubi fuit. The Ghost Network (2008)
Ab initio In eius corpore fuit.Ab initio in eius corpore fuit. The Ghost Network (2008)

Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
แจว[v.] (jaēo) EN: run away ; escape ; flee ; skip ; show a clean pair of heels   FR: fuir ; s'échapper ; montrer les talons
การหนีไป[n. exp.] (kān nīpai) FR: fuite [f] ; exode [m]
การหนีไปประเทศอียิปต์[n. exp.] (kān nīpai Prathēt Īyip) FR: La fuite en Égypte [f]
โกยอ้าว[v. exp.] (kōi āo) FR: fuir
ละ[v.] (la) EN: leave ; desert ; abandon ; give up ; stop ; desist ; remit ; yield ; vacate   FR: abandonner ; quitter ; fuir
ไล่[v.] (lai) EN: expel ; get rid of ; put out ; drive off ; drive away ; oust ; sack ; dismiss   FR: expulser ; chasser ; se débarasser de ; mettre en fuite
ลี้[v.] (lī) EN: flee ; hide ; take refuge ; escape ; slip away   FR: se cacher ; se réfugier ; fuir
เลี่ยง[v.] (līeng) EN: avoid ; evade ; avert ; get around ; be evasive   FR: éviter ; échapper ; contourner ; fuir ; éluder
เลี่ยงความรับผิดชอบ[v. exp.] (līeng khwām rapphitchøp) EN: avoid responsibility ; evade one's responsibility ; shirk one's responsibility   FR: échapper à ses responsabilités ; fuir ses responsabilités
ลี้ภัย[v. exp.] (lī phai) EN: flee from a disaster   FR: fuir le danger ; fuir la catastrophe

Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary (UNAPPROVED version -- use with care )
不意[ふい, fui] ไม่ได้คาดคิด

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
CFE条約[シーエフイーじょうやく, shi-efui-jouyaku] (n) (See 欧州通常戦力制限条約) Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe; CFE Treaty [Add to Longdo]
ふい[, fui] (n) (See おじゃん) coming to nothing; ending without result; total waste [Add to Longdo]
ふいご祭;ふいご祭り;鞴祭;鞴祭り[ふいごまつり, fuigomatsuri] (n) Bellows Festival (festival for blacksmiths and foundries on the eighth day of the eleventh month of the lunar calendar, on which they would clean their bellows and pray) [Add to Longdo]
ふいと[, fuito] (adv) abruptly; suddenly; unexpectedly [Add to Longdo]
ふいにする[, fuinisuru] (exp,vs-i) to lose completely; to waste all; to let something slip away [Add to Longdo]
ふいになる[, fuininaru] (exp) (See おじゃんになる) to come to nothing; to fall through; to end without result [Add to Longdo]
エフイーピー[, efui-pi-] (n) {comp} FEP [Add to Longdo]
グラフイック(P);グラフィック[, gurafuikku (P); gurafikku] (n,adj-no) (1) graphic; (2) graphic magazine; pictorial magazine; (P) [Add to Longdo]
スタッフイット[, sutaffuitto] (n) {comp} Stuff It [Add to Longdo]
セルフイメージ[, serufuime-ji] (n) self-image [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: COMPDICT Dictionary
フィボナッチ探索[ふいぼなっちたんさく, fuibonacchitansaku] Fibonacci search [Add to Longdo]
フレーム間タイルフィル[フレームかんたいるふいる, fure-mu kantairufuiru] information time fill [Add to Longdo]
計算機出力マイクロフィルミング[けいさんきしゅつりょくまいくろふいるみんぐ, keisankishutsuryokumaikurofuirumingu] computer output microfilming, COM (abbr.) [Add to Longdo]
計算機出力マイクロフィルム印字装置[けいさんきしゅつりょくまいくろふいるむいんじそうち, keisankishutsuryokumaikurofuirumuinjisouchi] computer output microfilm printer, COM printer [Add to Longdo]
計算機出力マイクロフィルム装置[けいさんきしゅつりょくまいくろふいるむそうち, keisankishutsuryokumaikurofuirumusouchi] computer output microfilmer, COM device (abbr.) [Add to Longdo]
座標方式グラフィクス[ざひょうほうしきぐらふいくす, zahyouhoushikigurafuikusu] coordinate graphics, line graphics [Add to Longdo]
不一致[ふいっち, fuicchi] mismatch [Add to Longdo]
不一致[ふいっち, fuicchi] mismatch [Add to Longdo]
スタッフイット[すたっふいっと, sutaffuitto] Stuff It [Add to Longdo]
エフイーピー[えふいーぴー, efui-pi-] FEP [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
不意[ふい, fui] ploetzlich, ueberraschend [Add to Longdo]

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