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Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
จรรยา[n.] (janyā) EN: ethics ; morals ; conduct ; morality ; etiquette   FR: morale [f] ; moralité [f] ; éthique [f] ; conduite [f]
จรรยาบรรณ[n. exp.] (janyāban) EN: code of conduct ; convention ; ethics ; morality ; morals ; conduct   FR: code de bonne conduite [m] ; conventions [fpl]
จริยา[n.] (jariyā) EN: conduct ; behaviour = behavior (am.) ; morals ; morality   FR: conduite [f] ; comportement [m] ; moralité [f]
คนเจ้าชู้[n. exp.] (khon jaochū) EN: womanizer ; philanderer ; playboy ; man of loose morals   FR: coureur de jupons [m] ; don Juan [m] ; play-boy [m] ; libertin [m] ; dépravé [m] ; débauché [m] ; personne aux moeurs relâchées [f]
ศีลธรรม[n.] (sīnlatham = sīntham) EN: moral standard ; morality ; morals ; ethics   FR: morale [f] ; moralité [f] ; principe moral [m] ; éthique [f]
ศีลธรรม[n.] (sīntham = sīnlatham) EN: moral standard ; morality ; morals ; ethics   FR: morale [f] ; moralité [f] ; principe moral [m] ; éthique [f]

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (pronunciation guide only)
orals    (n) (oo1 r @ l z)

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
モラル[, moraru] (n) (1) morals; morality; ethics; (2) morale; (P) [Add to Longdo]
因習道徳[いんしゅうどうとく, inshuudoutoku] (n) conventional morality (morals) [Add to Longdo]
淫婦;婬婦[いんぷ, inpu] (n) (1) woman of loose morals; lewd woman; (2) (See 淫売婦) prostitute; whore; harlot [Add to Longdo]
矯風[きょうふう, kyoufuu] (n) reform of morals [Add to Longdo]
見ず転;不見転[みずてん, mizuten] (n) (1) (uk) (See 不見転芸者・みずてんげいしゃ) loose morals (e.g. of a geisha); easy virtue; (2) impulse; whim [Add to Longdo]
公衆道徳[こうしゅうどうとく, koushuudoutoku] (n) public morals [Add to Longdo]
公序良俗[こうじょりょうぞく, koujoryouzoku] (n) public order and morals [Add to Longdo]
綱常[こうじょう, koujou] (n) code of morals; moral principles [Add to Longdo]
修身[しゅうしん, shuushin] (n) morals; ethics; moral training [Add to Longdo]
醇風美俗;淳風美俗[じゅんぷうびぞく, junpuubizoku] (n) good morals and manners; genial manners and laudable customs; pristine way of life [Add to Longdo]

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