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English-Thai: NECTEC's Lexitron-2 Dictionary [with local updates]
one another    [PRON] ซึ่งกันและกัน, Syn. each other

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Tanaka JP-EN Corpus
one anotherThe two men understood one another perfectly, and had a mutual respect for each other's strong qualities.
one anotherThe two streets run parallel to one another.
one anotherAll three hated one another.
one anotherYou and I must understand one another, and that without delay.
one anotherAlan Tate and I looked at one another for a while.
one anotherIt is our duty to help one another.
one anotherLet's try to understand one another.
one anotherThis is a good occasion to know one another.
one anotherThis is the way in which we can become acquainted with one another.
one anotherIn addition many groups have been formed so that the elderly can socialize with one another and remain active participants in American life.

Thai-English: NECTEC's Lexitron-2 Dictionary [with local updates]
กัน    [PRON] one another, See also: each other, Example: เธอและเขารักกันมานานแล้ว, Thai definition: คำประกอบท้ายกริยาของผู้กระทำตั้งแต่ 2 คน ขึ้นไป แสดงการกระทำร่วมกัน อย่างเดียวกัน หรือ ต่อกัน
กันและกัน    [PRON] one another, See also: each other, Syn. ทั้งสองฝ่าย, Example: การขยายเครือข่ายระหว่างบริษัทสาขาจะมีผลกระทบต่อกันและกัน

Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
ชอบพอกัน[v. exp.] (chøpphø kan) EN: be fond of one another ; be friends ; know each other   FR: s'apprécier mutuellement
ช่วยกัน[v. exp.] (chūay kan) EN: help one another ; help each other ; help together   FR: s'entraider ; s'épauler ; se soutenir
กัน[X] (kan) EN: one another ; each other ; mutually ; together ; jointly   FR: l'un et l'autre ; l'un l'autre ; ensemble ; entre eux ; réciproque
กันและกัน[pr.] (kan lae kan) EN: one another ; each other   
กัดกัน[v. exp.] (kat kan) EN: be at odds ; snipe at one another ; quarrel   FR: avoir une prise de bec (fam.)
เกี่ยวกัน[v.] (kīo kan) EN: be interrelated ; concern one another   
ปฏิบัติต่อกัน[v. exp.] (patibat tø kan) EN: treat one another with   
ตัดรอน[v.] (tatrøn) EN: break off a friendship ; stop seeing one another   FR: arrêter toute relation
ถ้อยทีถ้อยอาศัยกัน[adj.] (thøithīthøi āsai kan) EN: reciprocal ; mutually dependent ; dependent upon one another   
ติด ๆ[adv.] (tit-tit) EN: closely ; one after another ; on top of one another   

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
すれ違う;擦れ違う[すれちがう, surechigau] (v5u,vi) to pass by one another; to disagree; to miss each other [Add to Longdo]
愛し合う[あいしあう, aishiau] (v5u) to love one another [Add to Longdo]
異;殊[こと;け, koto ; ke] (n,adj-na,n-pref) (1) (こと only) (arch) difference (from one another); different thing; other; (adj-na) (2) unusual; extraordinary [Add to Longdo]
我も我も[われもわれも, waremowaremo] (n) vying with one another [Add to Longdo]
呼び合う[よびあう, yobiau] (v5u) to call each other; to call out to one another [Add to Longdo]
交わす(P);交す(io)[かわす, kawasu] (v5s,vt) (1) to exchange (messages, greetings, arguments, etc.); (2) to intersect; to cross; to interlace; (suf,v5s) (3) (after the -masu stem of a verb) ... with one another; ... to each other; (P) [Add to Longdo]
好い仲[いいなか, iinaka] (n) love for one another [Add to Longdo]
妻(P);夫;具[つま, tsuma] (n) (1) (妻, 夫 only) (usu. 妻) wife; (2) (妻, 夫 only) (arch) dear (formerly used by romantically linked men and women to refer to one another); (3) (uk) garnish (esp. one served with sashimi); (4) (uk) embellishment; (P) [Add to Longdo]
三者鼎立[さんしゃていりつ, sanshateiritsu] (n) three parties (forces) opposing one another; three-cornered contest [Add to Longdo]
思い合う[おもいあう, omoiau] (v5u,vi) to love one another [Add to Longdo]

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