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Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
เจดีย์[n.] (jēdī) EN: chedi ; pagoda ; stupa ; tumulus ; mausoleum ; chatiya   FR: pagode [f] ; stupa [m] ; mausolée [m] ; tumulus [m]
นกเอี้ยงพราหมณ์[n. exp.] (nok īeng Phrām) EN: Brahminy Starling   FR: Étourneau des pagodes [m] ; Martin des pagodes [m] ; Martin brahmanique [m]
นกเค้าป่าหลังจุด[n. exp.] (nok khao pā lang jut) EN: Spotted Wood Owl   FR: Chouette des pagodes [f] ; Chouette obscure [f] ; Chouette à face pâle [f]
ปรางค์[n.] (prāng) EN: pagoda ; stupa ; Khmer-style tower on temples ; corncob-shaped tower   FR: pagode [f] ; stupa [m]
เสมา[n.] (sēmā) EN: boundary marker of a temple ; heart-shaped stones making the limits of Buddhist temple ; boundary stones   FR: borne sacrée (délimitant les limites) d'une pagode [f]
สมภาร[n.] (somphān) EN: abbot (of a monastery)   FR: abbé [m] ; chef de la pagode [m]
ธาตุ[n.] (thāt) EN: relic of the Buddha ; reliquary ; pagoda containing relics ; stupa containing relics   FR: relique du Bouddha [f] ; reliquaire [m] ; stupa contenant des reliques [m] ; pagode contenant des reliques [f]

CMU English Pronouncing Dictionary

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
あごで使う;顎で使う[あごでつかう, agodetsukau] (exp,v5u) (1) (See 頤で人を使う・あごでひとをつかう) to set somebody to work in an arrogant fashion; to push somebody around; to indicate by pointing one's chin; (2) (sl) to chatter; to jaw; to jabber [Add to Longdo]
ゲーデル[, ge-deru] (n) Godel (Goedel) [Add to Longdo]
誤伝[ごでん, goden] (n) misinformation [Add to Longdo]
孫弟子[まごでし, magodeshi] (n) disciples of one's disciples [Add to Longdo]
日本語でおk[にほんごでオッケー, nihongode okke-] (exp) (sl) {comp} Is that Japanese? (implies the message being replied to is nonsensical); Can I have that in Japanese? [Add to Longdo]
籠で水を汲む[かごでみずをくむ, kagodemizuwokumu] (exp,v5m) (obsc) like trying to scoop water with a basket (i.e. impossible, a waste of time & energy) [Add to Longdo]
頤で人を使う;あごで人を使う[あごでひとをつかう, agodehitowotsukau] (exp,v5u) (See あごで使う・1) to set somebody to work in an arrogant fashion; to push somebody around; to indicate someone by pointing one's chin [Add to Longdo]

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