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German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
zwingend {adv}stringently [Add to Longdo]
zwingend {adv}coercively [Add to Longdo]
zwingen; erzwingen; aufzwingen; forcieren | zwingend; erzwingend; aufzwingend; forcierend | gezwungen; erzwungen; aufgezwungen; forciert | er/sie zwingt; er/sie erzwingt | ich/er/sie zwang; ich/er/sie erzwang | er/sie hat/hatte gezwungen; er/sie hat/hatte erzwungen | ich/er/sie zwänge; ich/er/sie erzwängeto force | forcing | forced | he/she forces | I/he/she forced | he/she has/had forced | I/he/she would force [Add to Longdo]
zwingen; nötigen | er/sie zwingt | ich/er/sie zwangto compel | he/she compels | I/he/she compelled [Add to Longdo]
zwingen | zwingend | zwangto bludgeon | bludgeoning | bludgeoned [Add to Longdo]
zwingen | zwingend | gezwungen | er/sie zwingtto coerce | coercing | coerced | he/she coerces [Add to Longdo]
zwingen | zwingendto constrain | constraining [Add to Longdo]
zwingend; dringend {adj}exigent [Add to Longdo]
zwingendcoercible [Add to Longdo]
zwingendcoercive [Add to Longdo]
zwingendcogent [Add to Longdo]
zwingend {adv}cogently [Add to Longdo]
zwingendcompellable [Add to Longdo]
zwingendcompelling [Add to Longdo]
zwingend {adj}compulsive [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
強いる[しいる, shiiru] zwingen [Add to Longdo]

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From German-English Freedict dictionary [fd-deu-eng]:

  zwingen [tsviŋən]
     to bludgeon; to coerce; to compel; to constrain; to force; to oblige

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