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German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
Nepp {m}rip-off [coll.] [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
UNEP[ユネップ, yuneppu] (n) United Nations Environment Program; UNEP [Add to Longdo]
骨っぽい[ほねっぽい, honeppoi] (adj-i) bony; tough; plucky; spirited; hard to deal with [Add to Longdo]
骨っ節[ほねっぷし, honeppushi] (n) (1) joint (between bones); (2) backbone; spirit [Add to Longdo]
寝っ屁[ねっぺ, neppe] (n,vs) farting while asleep [Add to Longdo]
熱波[ねっぱ, neppa] (n) heat wave [Add to Longdo]
熱発[ねっぱつ, neppatsu] (n,vs) fever [Add to Longdo]
熱発生[ねっぱつせい, neppatsusei] (n) calorification; thermogenesis [Add to Longdo]
熱風[ねっぷう, neppuu] (n) hot wind [Add to Longdo]
熱風炉[ねっぷうろ, neppuuro] (n) hot-blast stove [Add to Longdo]

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