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English-Thai: HOPE Dictionary [with local updates]
metalsmith(เมท'เทิลสมิธ) n. ช่างโลหะ

Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
ช่างโลหะ[n.] (chang lōha) EN: metal worker ; metalsmith   FR: métallurgiste [m] ; ferronnier [m]
ดินส้ม[n.] (dinsom) EN: abrasive for metals   

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
璆鏘;きゅう鏘[きゅうそう, kyuusou] (adj-t,adv-to) (arch) echoing beautifully (of the sound produced by striking together jewels or metals); beautiful (of a melody, etc.) [Add to Longdo]
ばらつき[, baratsuki] (n) (Orig. 薔薇搗き rose petals scattered before shoguns marching in triumph) scattering (e.g. in statistics); a scatter; dispersion [Add to Longdo]
ほろほろ[, horohoro] (adv) (1) (on-mim) by ones and twos; (2) (See はらはら,ぼろぼろ) tears or flower petals falling quietly; (3) gurgling bird sound; (4) falling apart; crumbling; melting (in one's mouth) [Add to Longdo]
貴金属卸[ききんぞくおろし, kikinzokuoroshi] (n) wholesale (wholesaler) in precious metals [Add to Longdo]
菊枕[きくまくら, kikumakura] (n) pillow stuffed with chrysanthemum petals (allegedly good for headaches) [Add to Longdo]
金工[きんこう, kinkou] (n) metalwork; metalsmith; goldsmith [Add to Longdo]
軽金属[けいきんぞく, keikinzoku] (n) light metals [Add to Longdo]
散り始める[ちりはじめる, chirihajimeru] (v1) to begin falling (e.g. leaves, petals, etc.) [Add to Longdo]
重金属[じゅうきんぞく, juukinzoku] (n) heavy metals [Add to Longdo]
菖蒲湯[しょうぶゆ, shoubuyu] (n) bathwater with iris petals [Add to Longdo]

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