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English-Thai: HOPE Dictionary [with local updates]
equine(อี'ไควน) adj. คล้ายม้า. n. ม้า., See also: equinity n.

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
I wanted a Quinella for captain Brody and mister Hooper in the first race.ผมต้องการแทงควบสลับ กัปตันโบรดี้ และมิสเตอร์ฮูเปอร์ ในการแข่งเที่ยวแรก เอ่อ.. Blow Out (2008)

Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
อ่าน[v.] (ān) EN: read   FR: lire ; bouquiner (fam.)
เครื่องหนัง[n.] (khreūang-nang) FR: maroquinerie [f] ; article de maroquinerie [m]
ล้อ [v.] (lø) EN: tease ; banter; kid ; ridicule ; joke ; make fun of   FR: taquiner ; faire enrager ; contrarier ; charrier (fam.)
ล้อเล่น[v.] (lølen) EN: tease ; kid ; ridicule ; banter   FR: taquiner ; tourmenter ; ridiculiser ; asticoter (fam.) ; contrarier
แซว[v.] (saēo) EN: tease ; kid ; make fun of ; play tricks on   FR: taquiner ; raconter des blagues
สัพยอก[v.] (sapphayøk) EN: banter ; chaff ; josh ; kid ; rag ; razz ; rib   FR: taquiner ; cajoler
แหย่[v.] (yaē) EN: tease ; mock ; provoke ; goad ; pull someone's leg   FR: taquiner ; asticoter (fam.)
เย้า[v.] (yao) EN: tease ; pull someone's leg ; taunt ; banter ; joke ; kid ; jest ; rib   FR: taquiner ; faire marcher
หยอก [v.] (yøk) EN: tease ; kid ; jolly ; make fun of   FR: taquiner ; faire marcher
ยั่วเย้า[v.] (yūayao) EN: tease ; taunt ; tantalize ; harass ; kid ; make fun of ; rag   FR: taquiner ; asticoter (fam.)

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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
クロロキン[, kurorokin] (n) chloroquine [Add to Longdo]
連;嗹[れん, ren] (n) (1) ream (of paper); (2) (連 only) stanza; verse; (3) (連 only) (taxonomical) tribe; party; company; group; (4) (連 only) (abbr) (See 連勝式) quinella; quiniela [Add to Longdo]
連勝式[れんしょうしき, renshoushiki] (n) quinella; quiniela [Add to Longdo]
連勝複式[れんしょうふくしき, renshoufukushiki] (n) quinella (dual forecast) [Add to Longdo]
枠番連勝[わくばんれんしょう, wakubanrenshou] (n) bracket win (in horse-racing); bracket quinella [Add to Longdo]

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From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]:

      n 1: United States philosopher and logician who championed an
           empirical view of knowledge that depended on language
           (1908-2001) [syn: {Quine}, {W. V. Quine}, {Willard Van
           Orman Quine}]

From The Jargon File (version 4.4.7, 29 Dec 2003) [jargon]:

   /kwi:n/, n.
      [from the name of the logician Willard van Orman Quine, via Douglas
      Hofstadter] A program that generates a copy of its own source text as its
      complete output. Devising the shortest possible quine in some given
      programming language is a common hackish amusement. (We ignore some
      variants of BASIC in which a program consisting of a single empty string
      literal reproduces itself trivially.) Here is one classic quine:
      ((lambda (x)
        (list x (list (quote quote) x)))
          (lambda (x)
            (list x (list (quote quote) x)))))
      This one works in LISP or Scheme. It's relatively easy to write quines in
      other languages such as Postscript which readily handle programs as data;
      much harder (and thus more challenging!) in languages like C which do not.
      Here is a classic C quine for ASCII machines:
      For excruciatingly exact quinishness, remove the interior line breaks. Here
      is another elegant quine in ANSI C:
      #define q(k)main(){return!puts(#k"\nq("#k")");}
      q(#define q(k)main(){return!puts(#k"\nq("#k")");})
      Some infamous {Obfuscated C Contest} entries have been quines that
      reproduced in exotic ways. There is an amusing Quine Home Page.

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