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English-Thai: HOPE Dictionary [with local updates]
membership(เมม'เบอชิพ) n. สมาชิกภาพ,จำนวนสมาชิกทั้งหมด

English-Thai: Nontri Dictionary
membership(n) จำนวนสมาชิก

Thai-English: NECTEC's Lexitron-2 Dictionary [with local updates]
ถ่านไฟ    [N] embers, Example: เขาเหยียบลงไปบนถ่านไฟที่กำลังคุ

Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
บัตรสมาชิก[n. exp.] (bat samāchik) EN: membership card   FR: carte de membre [f]
ค่าสมาชิก[n. exp.] (khā samāchik) EN: membership fee   FR: cotisation de membre [f]
กฎมนเทียรบาล[n.] (kotmonthīenbān) EN: royal family law ; palace law governing the members of the Royal Household   
ลงแขก[v.] (longkhaēk) EN: ask the help of friends and neighbors for special work ; gather members of a rural community to help a neighbours do something ; ask friend to come and assist ; gather (one's neighbors) to help at harvest time ; joint harvesting   
สมาชิกภาพ[n.] (samāchikkaphāp) EN: membership   FR: adhésion [f]
สมัครสมาชิก[v. exp.] (samak samāchik) EN: apply for a membership ; sign up for ; subscribe (to)   FR: s'abonner
แต่งตั้งกรรมการ[v. exp.] (taengtang kammakān) EN: appoint members of the board   
ทะเบียนสมาชิก[n. exp.] (thabīen samāchik) EN: membership roster   FR: liste des membres [f]
ถ่านไฟ[n.] (thānfai) EN: embers   FR: braises [fpl] ; charbon ardent [m]
ถอดถอนกรรมการ[v. exp.] (thøtthøn kammakān) EN: remove members of the board   

CMU English Pronouncing Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (pronunciation guide only)
embers    (n) (e1 m b @ z)

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
83会[はちさんかい, hachisankai] (n) (See 小泉チルドレン) collectively, the 83 new LDP members of parliament elected in the Sept. 2005 general election [Add to Longdo]
お印[おしるし, oshirushi] (n) (1) (uk) (See 破水) a show; blood-stained mucus discharge that happens during pregnancy up to two weeks before delivery; (2) signature mark (crest) used by members of the Imperial family to mark their belongings; (3) (See しるし・1) a sign (with honorific 'o') [Add to Longdo]
カミセン[, kamisen] (n) (abbr) younger members of the group (wasei [Add to Longdo]
クローズドショップ制[クローズドショップせい, kuro-zudoshoppu sei] (n) (See オープンショップ制) closed shop system (employment of only union members) [Add to Longdo]
シノドンティス[, shinodonteisu] (n) squeaker (upside-down catfish of family Mochokidae, esp. members of genus Synodontis) (lat [Add to Longdo]
メンバーシップ;メンバシップ[, menba-shippu ; menbashippu] (n) membership [Add to Longdo]
メンバーズ[, menba-zu] (n) members [Add to Longdo]
モテ髪[モテがみ, mote gami] (n) fashionable hairstyle, particularly to attract members of the opposite sex [Add to Longdo]
ユニオンショップ制[ユニオンショップせい, yunionshoppu sei] (n) union shop system (employment of only union members) [Add to Longdo]
闇汁[やみじる, yamijiru] (n) (See 闇鍋) stew prepared from ingredients contributed by members of a party, and eaten in the dark for fun [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: COMPDICT Dictionary
構成員[こうせいいん, kouseiin] members [Add to Longdo]

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