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送り込み[おくりこみ, okurikomi] (n) {comp} feed [Add to Longdo]

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We are sending all troops to meet this army assembling near the swamp.沼地付近に 全軍を送り込みました Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999)
Commander Adama is sending out another Raptor... to conduct an aerial survey of this planet.アダマ司令官は別のラプターを送り込み この惑星の航空測量を実施するようです Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 1 (2005)
So, we send the Raptors out farther.では、さらに遠くまで ラプター隊を送り込みます The Hand of God (2005)
They sent professionals, full tactical gear.やつらは、完全武装した 殺し屋を送り込み、 Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
Okay, so blood, it carries oxygen to our organs, right? And that's what makes them function.血は臓器に酸素を送り込み 体を機能させるもの Burning House of Love (2008)
"And then, how's about I send over my psycho-bitch wife to..."それから 私の 恐ろしい妻を送り込み―" Cat's in the Bag... (2008)
Sending abundant amounts of adrenaline into your blood stream.血管に大量のアドレナリンを送り込み Wanted (2008)
But I do know they sent someone to kill Burnett and frame me to cover up their involvement in everything that's happened today, including the attack on the white house.病院に暗殺者を送り込み 殺害を俺の罪を着せた所までは解ってる ホワイトハウス襲撃も奴らの仕業です Day 7: 9:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. (2009)
Release a Soldier.ソルジャーを送り込みなさい Heretic's Fork (2010)
Why don't you tell her how you sent the Destroyer to kill our friends, to kill me?言ってないのか? 破壊者を送り込み 友を殺そうとした事 そして俺を Thor (2011)
They hacked the software, fed the equation into it.彼らは ソフトウェアをハックして この方程式を送り込み The Leviathan (2012)
He sent kids, chained together-- tens of thousands of them-- into the Iraqi lines, often to clear minefields.彼は子供をイラク戦線に数万人送り込み 鎖でつないだのよ 地雷原から 地雷を取り除くためにね The Star (2013)
Soon, all 54 of the group's doubles will be under my control. Why?そして、替え玉を54人送り込み 自由に操るの Bubble (2013)
But when Tyrion arrived at the camp, he sent one of his cutthroats into our tent.しかしティリオンが野営地へ現れると 彼は殺し屋を私達のテントに送り込みました The Laws of Gods and Men (2014)
We send in the army, we risk an international spectacle私達を軍に送り込み 国際光景を危険に晒す Suicide Squad (2014)
Sent out after four weeks to blow themselves up in martyrdom operations.4週間後に送り込み 自爆させるんだ Separation Anxiety (2015)
You made the call, sent in S.W.A.T., and got your boyfriend shot.電話をしてSWATを送り込み 自分の彼氏に傷を負わせた Guilty (2015)
Ten liters and running.10リットル送り込みます Our Man in Damascus (2015)

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送り込み[おくりこみ, okurikomi] feed [Add to Longdo]

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