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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
顶点[dǐng diǎn, ㄉㄧㄥˇ ㄉㄧㄢˇ, / ] summit; peak [Add to Longdo]

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Come on, man. This "vertex of the para-boola" is driving me nuts.[CN] 拜托 伙计 抛物线顶点都快把我逼疯了 The Book of Shadows (2014)
At the culmination of the crisis in 1932 there is this letter by which the representatives of the industry ask of President Hindenburg to appoint Hitler, leader of the largest party, as Chancellor.[CN] 在1932年危机的顶点, 有一封行业代表的信, 要求总统兴登堡...  ()
60 vertices and 120 edges?[CN] 30个正方形面 12个五角形面 60个顶点 120条边? The Junior Professor Solution (2014)
Well, you might say this is the culmination to all of my hopes and dreams.[CN] 你可以说这是 我所有希望和梦想的顶点 Jurassic City (2015)
- Oceana being the largest and most influential in the world, and others - of their discussions.[CN] 这不是在顶点 保育团体 - Oceana的是最大的,最 影响力在世界上, 和其他人 Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014)
These are the same ones we saw in the apex.[CN] 这些是相同的,我们看到 在顶点 The Pyramid (2014)
Japanese atrocities finally culminated in the 1945 Manila Massacre, where over 100,000 civilians were killed, and the city totally destroyed.[CN] 之后 日军暴行达到顶点 制造了1945年的马尼拉大屠杀 超过十万平民被杀 马尼拉城被毁 Diaoyu Islands: The Truth (2014)
And that's what's botherin' me[CN] *我已经到达了顶点,不得不停下来 I've reached the top and had to stop The Jungle Book (2016)
The Southern regiments were entrenched in this area at the apex of the line.[CN] 现在南方军团盘踞在战线的顶点 Chapter 18 (2014)
You'll need to remove the airburst fuse without exposing yourself to a lethal dose of alpha radiation.[CN] 它们不是顶点集团公司制造的 Render Safe (2016)
Superiority to other men.[CN] 我们勾心斗角尔虞我诈, 一路爬升到... ...我们所认定的 所谓成功的顶点 A Cure for Wellness (2016)
Somebody else. Not me. Not now.[CN] 屏住气息 把根根神经像弓弦般拉到顶点 Hold hard the breath and build up every spirit to his full height! The Lying Detective (2017)

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