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English-Thai: NECTEC's Lexitron-2 Dictionary [with local updates]
strained(adj) ซึ่งทำให้ตึง

English-Thai: HOPE Dictionary [with local updates]
strained(สเทรนดฺ) adj. ใช้กำลัง, ออกแรง, ฝืน, ไม่เป็นไปตามธรรมชาติ, เครียด., See also: strainedness n.
constrained(คันสเทรนดฺ') adj. ถูกบังคับ, ซึ่งระงับความรู้สึกไว้, ฝืนใจ, ถูกจำกัด

ตัวอย่างประโยค จาก Open Subtitles  **ระวัง คำแปลอาจมีข้อผิดพลาด**
He was stiff and sore now... ... and his wounds and all of the strained parts of his body hurt.เขาเป็นคนที่แข็งและเจ็บใน ขณะนี้ และบาดแผลของเขาและ ทั้งหมดของ ส่วนตึงเครียดของร่างกายของ เขาเจ็บ The Old Man and the Sea (1958)
[ IN STRAINED VOICE ] Let's play Twister.มาเล่นทวิสเตอร์กัน The One with George Stephanopoulos (1994)
Local resources have been strained to the breaking point.โรงพยาบาลท้องถิ่นต้องทำงานหนัก Jumanji (1995)
[ strained voice ] the wishes turn bad, sam.คำอธิษฐานนั่นเริ่มไม่ดีแล้ว แซม Wishful Thinking (2008)
I think I strained my wrist. God, it hurts.ฉันคิดว่าข้อมือเคล็ดน่ะ เจ็บจังเลย You're Gonna Love Tomorrow (2008)
Fact: the United States military is strained to the breaking point.ทหารของสหรัฐ ถูกดึงมาเข้าจุดแตกหัก Day 7: 10:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. (2009)
No more strained carrots.ไม่มีแครอตบดแล้ว Nice Is Different Than Good (2009)
I don't imagine I have to tell you that things between Daniel and myself have been strained since you've come into the picture.ฉันนึกไม่ออกเลยว่าจะูพูดกับเธอยังไงดี เรื่องระหว่างแดนเนี่ยลกับฉัน ทำให้มีปัญหาตามมาตั้งแต่เธอเข้ามาในชีวิตเรา Suspicion (2011)
Strained between us.สิ่งที่เครียดระกว่างเรา It Just Got Normal (2012)
Well, as strained as things have been between us, you know I wouldn't want that, Conrad.เรื่องตึงเครียดระหว่างเรา คุณก็รู้ว่าฉันไม่ต้องการแบบนั้น คอนราด Grief (2012)
Since this is the only thing our unsubs have in common, it tell us that as time goes on, their friendship will become strained and ultimately fall apart.เพราะนี่คือสิ่งเดียวที่อันซับมีเหมือนกัน มันบอกเราว่าเมื่อเวลาผ่านไป ความสัมพันธ์พวกเธอจะตึงเครียด และในที่สุดมันจะสลายไป The Pact (2012)
The strained mother-child relationship is a hallmark for many killers.ความสัมพันธ์แม่-ลูกที่ตึงเครียดเกินไป เป็นลักษณะเด่น ของฆาตกรหลายคน Profiling 101 (2012)

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Tanaka JP-EN Corpus
strainedHe sang with his voice strained.
strainedHe strained every nerve to see in the darkness.
strainedHe strained his eyes by reading too much.
strainedHis weight strained the rope.
strainedI have a strained back.
strainedI strained to hear what the President said.
strainedRelations between the two countries have been strained to the breaking point.
strainedSomehow all those reasons sound rather strained ...
strainedThe atmosphere became strained when he came.
strainedThe atmosphere can become rather strained.

Thai-English: NECTEC's Lexitron-2 Dictionary [with local updates]
ตึงเครียด(adj) tense, See also: strained, serious, taut, tight, critical, stern, Ant. คลี่คลาย, Example: แม้ว่าจะต้องเผชิญปัญหาหรือเหตุการณ์ตึงเครียดมากมายขนาดไหน เขาก็สามารถผ่านพ้นมาได้, Thai Definition: ใกล้จะถึงขั้นแตกหัก

Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
บึ้งบูด[beungbūt] (adj) EN: sullen ; serious ; strained ; unsmiling  FR: grincheux ; hargneux
จำ[jam] (v) EN: have to ; be constrained ; be obliged ; be obliged  FR: être contraint ; être obligé ; devoir
จำใจ[jamjai] (v) EN: have to ; be compelled ; be forced ; be obliged ; be constrained ; do sth against one's will ; be unwilling ; be reluctant  FR: devoir ; être obligé ; être contraint ; faire qqch. contre sa volonté/contre son gré/malgré soi
เจียม[jīem] (v) EN: be reserved ; keep under restraint ; be restrained in words and action ; be modest ; be humble ; be moderate  FR: être réservé ; faire preuve de réserve
คราก[khrāk] (v) EN: become strained
เครียด[khrīet] (adj) EN: serious ; tense ; strained ; stern ; nervous ; taut ; under stress ; under strain ; tight  FR: stressé ; tendu ; crispé
หน้าตึง[nāteung] (x) EN: look strained ; have a serious face ; be stern-faced
ปากเสีย[pāk sīa] (xp) EN: be unrestrained with criticisms and comments
ปล่อยตัวปล่อยใจ[plǿitūaplǿijai] (v) EN: be unrestrained ; be self-indulgent
สำรวม[samrūam] (adj) EN: calm ; cool ; composed ; self-controlled ; restrained  FR: serein ; cool (fam.) ; maître de soi ; sobre ; discret

CMU English Pronouncing Dictionary Dictionary [with local updates]

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (pronunciation guide only)
strained (v) strˈɛɪnd (s t r ei1 n d)

German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
angespannt { adj } | angespannter | am angespanntestenstrained | more strained | most strained [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
ぎこちない(P);ぎごちない[gikochinai (P); gigochinai] (adj-i) awkward; clumsy; stiff; crude; unrefined; constrained; (P) [Add to Longdo]
ぎすぎす[gisugisu] (adv, n, vs) (on-mim) strained atmosphere; thin and bony [Add to Longdo]
ぎっくり腰;ギックリ腰[ぎっくりごし(ぎっくり腰);ギックリごし(ギックリ腰), gikkurigoshi ( gikkuri koshi ); gikkuri goshi ( gikkuri koshi )] (n) strained back; slipped disk; lumbosacral strain [Add to Longdo]
こじつけ[kojitsuke] (n, adj-no) distortion; stretch; strained interpretation; technicality; casuistry; sophistry [Add to Longdo]
奥床しい;奥ゆかしい[おくゆかしい, okuyukashii] (adj-i) refined; graceful; modest; cultivated; elegant; reserved; restrained [Add to Longdo]
忌憚のない[きたんのない, kitannonai] (adj-i, exp) unrestrained; unreserved; candid; frank [Add to Longdo]
気が詰まる[きがつまる, kigatsumaru] (exp, v5r) to feel constrained; to feel ill at ease [Add to Longdo]
気の詰まる[きのつまる, kinotsumaru] (exp, adj-f) (See 気が詰まる) constrained; ill at ease [Add to Longdo]
気詰まり;気詰り;気づまり[きづまり, kidumari] (adj-na) constrained; uncomfortable; awkward [Add to Longdo]
窮屈[きゅうくつ, kyuukutsu] (adj-na, n) narrow; tight; stiff; rigid; uneasy; formal; constrained; (P) [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: COMPDICT Dictionary
条件付き最適化[じょうけんつきさいてきか, joukentsukisaitekika] constrained optimization [Add to Longdo]

Result from Foreign Dictionaries (3 entries found)

From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

  Strain \Strain\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Strained}; p. pr. & vb. n.
     {Straining}.] [OF. estraindre, estreindre, F. ['e]treindre,
     L. stringere to draw or bind tight; probably akin to Gr. ? a
     halter, ? that which is squeezwd out, a drop, or perhaps to
     E. strike. Cf. {Strangle}, {Strike}, {Constrain}, {District},
     {Strait}, a. {Stress}, {Strict}, {Stringent}.]
     1. To draw with force; to extend with great effort; to
        stretch; as, to strain a rope; to strain the shrouds of a
        ship; to strain the cords of a musical instrument. "To
        strain his fetters with a stricter care." --Dryden.
        [1913 Webster]
     2. (Mech.) To act upon, in any way, so as to cause change of
        form or volume, as forces on a beam to bend it.
        [1913 Webster]
     3. To exert to the utmost; to ply vigorously.
        [1913 Webster]
              He sweats,
              Strains his young nerves.             --Shak.
        [1913 Webster]
              They strain their warbling throats
              To welcome in the spring.             --Dryden.
        [1913 Webster]
     4. To stretch beyond its proper limit; to do violence to, in
        the matter of intent or meaning; as, to strain the law in
        order to convict an accused person.
        [1913 Webster]
              There can be no other meaning in this expression,
              however some may pretend to strain it. --Swift.
        [1913 Webster]
     5. To injure by drawing, stretching, or the exertion of
        force; as, the gale strained the timbers of the ship.
        [1913 Webster]
     6. To injure in the muscles or joints by causing to make too
        strong an effort; to harm by overexertion; to sprain; as,
        to strain a horse by overloading; to strain the wrist; to
        strain a muscle.
        [1913 Webster]
              Prudes decayed about may track,
              Strain their necks with looking back. --Swift.
        [1913 Webster]
     7. To squeeze; to press closely.
        [1913 Webster]
              Evander with a close embrace
              Strained his departing friend.        --Dryden.
        [1913 Webster]
     8. To make uneasy or unnatural; to produce with apparent
        effort; to force; to constrain.
        [1913 Webster]
              He talks and plays with Fatima, but his mirth
              Is forced and strained.               --Denham.
        [1913 Webster]
              The quality of mercy is not strained. --Shak.
        [1913 Webster]
     9. To urge with importunity; to press; as, to strain a
        petition or invitation.
        [1913 Webster]
              Note, if your lady strain his entertainment. --Shak.
        [1913 Webster]
     10. To press, or cause to pass, through a strainer, as
         through a screen, a cloth, or some porous substance; to
         purify, or separate from extraneous or solid matter, by
         filtration; to filter; as, to strain milk through cloth.
         [1913 Webster]
     {To strain a point}, to make a special effort; especially, to
        do a degree of violence to some principle or to one's own
     {To strain courtesy}, to go beyond what courtesy requires; to
        insist somewhat too much upon the precedence of others; --
        often used ironically. --Shak.
        [1913 Webster]

From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

  Strained \Strained\, a.
     1. Subjected to great or excessive tension; wrenched;
        weakened; as, strained relations between old friends.
        [1913 Webster]
     2. Done or produced with straining or excessive effort; as,
        his wit was strained.
        [1913 Webster]

From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]:

      adj 1: lacking natural ease; "a labored style of debating" [syn:
             {labored}, {laboured}, {strained}]
      2: showing signs of mental and emotional tension; "her voice was
         strained as she asked the question"
      3: lacking spontaneity; not natural; "a constrained smile";
         "forced heartiness"; "a strained smile" [syn: {constrained},
         {forced}, {strained}]
      4: struggling for effect; "agonistic poses" [syn: {agonistic},


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