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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
お鍋;御鍋[おなべ, onabe] (n) (1) (pol) pot; (2) (arch) typical name for a female servant in the Edo-period; (3) working at night; (4) (uk) (sl) (often derog.) female with symptoms of gender identity disorder (i.e. a transvestite) [Add to Longdo]
腰元[こしもと, koshimoto] (n) chamber maid; female servant [Add to Longdo]
女中[じょちゅう, jochuu] (n) (obs) (sens) maid; female servant; (P) [Add to Longdo]
女部屋[おんなべや, onnabeya] (n) (1) (See 男部屋) room for female servants; (2) room where there are women; (3) (See 女牢) jail for women [Add to Longdo]
少婢;小婢[しょうひ, shouhi] (n) (arch) young female servant [Add to Longdo]
水仕女[みずしめ, mizushime] (n) (See 水仕事) female servant who works in the kitchen [Add to Longdo]
端;端た[はした, hashita] (n,adj-na) (1) fraction; odd sum; (n) (2) (abbr) (See 端金) loose change; (3) (arch) (See 端女) low class female servant [Add to Longdo]
端女;端た女;婢女[はしため, hashitame] (n) (See 水仕女,女中) female servant [Add to Longdo]
中臈[ちゅうろう, chuurou] (n) (1) court ladies of the middle rank serving in the inner palace (Heian period); (2) female servant for a samurai family; (3) lady-in-waiting working in the inner palace of the Edo castle (Edo period) [Add to Longdo]
部屋子[へやご, heyago] (n) (1) (See 部屋住み) young adult still living at home; dependent; (2) (See 部屋方) female servant working for a lady-in-waiting working in the inner part of a lord's house (Edo period); (3) freeloader living in a samurai's house; (4) young kabuki actor in service of a master (Edo period) [Add to Longdo]

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