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chabad(n) ย่อมาจากคำว่า Chabad House เป็นสถานนมัสการของชาวยิวนิกาย Chabad Lubavitch ซึ่งมีลักษณะกึ่งโรงแรม, S. Synagouge,

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I just donated $100,000 to Chabad to find out which temple you attend.ผมเพิ่งบริจาคเงิน $100,000 ให้กับโบสถ์ เพื่อหาว่าคุณเข้าร่วมกับโบสถ์ไหน The Fasting and the Furious (2011)
So Ashkhabad must be there.So. Aschchabad liegt dort. Kin-dza-dza! (1986)
See, I got this friend named JoeyJo-JoJunior Shabadoo.also, ich habe einen Freund namens Joey Joe Joe... - Junior Schabadu. The Last Temptation of Homer (1993)
I just donated $100,000 to Chabad to find out which temple you attend.Ich habe gerade $100.000 an die Chabad-Gemeinde gespendet, um zu erfahren, welchen Tempel Sie besuchen. Da können Sie mir wenigstens eine Minute opfern. The Fasting and the Furious (2011)
Chabad!- ChabadWalk of Shame (2014)
Chabad.- SchabadWalk of Shame (2014)
Chabad.ChabadWalk of Shame (2014)
Chabad.- ChabadWalk of Shame (2014)
Synagogue. Chabad?- ChabadWalk of Shame (2014)
_Ich spende nur für ChabadThe Law of Non-Contradiction (2017)

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From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]:

      n 1: a large missionary Hasidic movement known for their
           hospitality, technological expertise, optimism and emphasis
           on religious study [syn: {Lubavitch}, {Lubavitch movement},
           {Chabad-Lubavitch}, {Chabad}]
      2: a form of Hasidism practiced by Lithuanian and Russian Jews
         under communist rule; the beliefs and practices of the
         Lubavitch movement [syn: {Chabad}, {Chabad Hasidism}]

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