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English-Thai: Longdo Dictionary
flyswatter(n) ไม้ตีแมลงวัน, ไม้ตียุง

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
You go grab a flyswatter. I mean, so to speak.นายต้องไปหาไม้ตียุง ฉันหมายถึง จะว่าไปแล้ว Better Call Saul (2009)
Round up a couple of flyswatters.ตบให้ตายคาไม้แมลงตีแมลงวัน MacGruber (2010)
This is a swatter.นี่คือไม้ตียุง Fly (2010)
Absolutely. I'm just going to need your swatter thing.แน่นอน ผมแค่จะไปหยิบไม้ตียุงของคุณ Fly (2010)
A flyswatter?ไม้ตียุงเหรอ Meet the New Boss (2011)
- Twatter. Yeah.เขาบอกให้เรียกว่า แมด Cassie (2007)
Madison Twatter.ทุกคน นี่คือ แมดดิสัน... Cassie (2007)
It was discharged yesterday, and I scan traces of paper wadding in the barrel.Es wurde gestern entladen. Es sind Wattereste im Lauf festzustellen. Knight by a Nose (1985)
Dental rolls of cotton wool.Watterollen. Death in the Clouds (1992)
He changes into his dentist's coat and alters his appearance with the help of some cotton wool which he had brought for the purpose.Er zieht sich seinen Arztkittel an. Er verändert sein Aussehen mit der Hilfe von Watterollen die er für diesen Zweck mitbrachte. Death in the Clouds (1992)
This is Sergeant Reynolds from Criminal Investigations calling Lieutenant Frank Watters.Hier Sergeant Reynolds vom Kriminaldezernat. Rufe Lieutenant Frank Watters. Fire in the Sky (1993)
Lieutenant Watters?Lieutenant Watters? Fire in the Sky (1993)
- I'm Frank Watters.- Frank Watters. Fire in the Sky (1993)
Dennis, shake hands with Lieutenant Watters.Dennis, das ist Lieutenant Watters. Fire in the Sky (1993)
Why don't you fellas tell Lieutenant Watters what you saw?Sagt Lieutenant Watters doch, was ihr gesehen habt. Fire in the Sky (1993)
Watters come by at six in the morning, he starts asking us all these questions.Watters kam heute morgen um sechs und stellte uns Fragen. Fire in the Sky (1993)
Davis and Watters are looking for you, Dallis.Davis und Watters suchen dich, Dallis. Fire in the Sky (1993)
So then the pressure's gonna be on Davis and Watters to solve the case.Davis und Watters müssen den Fall lösen. Fire in the Sky (1993)
Frank Watters, state investigator for the CIB.Frank Watters, Inspektor der Bundeskriminalpolizei. Fire in the Sky (1993)
Frank Watters was on the radio this morning.Frank Watters war heute Morgen im Radio. Fire in the Sky (1993)
I bet Watters still thinks we killed you.Watters denkt wohl immer noch, wir töteten dich. Fire in the Sky (1993)
I'm Tim Watters, commanding officer.Ich bin Tim Watters, befehlshabender Offizier. Valiant (1998)
Watters puts you in charge of the engine room so soon?Watters überträgt dir so schnell die Verantwortung für den Maschinenraum? Valiant (1998)
Captain Watters is used to making quick decisions.Captain Watters ist es gewohnt, schnelle Entscheidungen zu treffen. Valiant (1998)
I think Captain Watters knows what he's doing.Ich denke, dass Captain Watters weiß, was er tut. Valiant (1998)
Did you know that Watters has been taking cordafin stimulants?Wusstest du, dass Watters Cordafin-Aufputschmittel nimmt? Valiant (1998)
Watters to Shepard.Watters an Shepard. Valiant (1998)
You're buying everything that Watters is selling.Du kaufst Watters alles ab, was er dir aufschwatzt. Valiant (1998)
We let ourselves blindly follow Captain Watters and he led us over a cliff.Wir sind Captain Watters blind gefolgt, und er führte uns in den Abgrund. Valiant (1998)
Captain Watters was a great man.Captain Watters war ein großer Mann. Valiant (1998)
Dr Watterson?Dr. Watterson? The Prophecy (2002)
- Allan Watterman, Stanford?- Allan Watterman, Stanford? Chuck Versus the Tango (2007)
that's quite a pickle you find yourself in, Watterman.das ist wirklich eine Zwickmühle in der du dich befindest,watterman. Chuck Versus the Tango (2007)
Mad Twatter?Mad TwatterTony (2007)
Maddison Twatter...Maddison Twatter... Tony (2007)
Twatter.TwatterCassie (2007)
Madison Twatter.Madison TwatterCassie (2007)
Twitting, tweetering, twatting, staring sullenly at the old man.Twittern, tweetern, twattern, feierlich starrend auf den alten Herrn. Verities & Balderdash (2009)
Okay, a patrol boat recovered Dansby's body here-- the inlet at Potomac River Waterfront Park.Ein Patrouillenboot barg Dansbys Körper hier ... Der Eingang des Potomac River Watterfront Parks. Ships in the Night (2011)
Waters, Cowan and Donovan.Watters, Cowan und Donovan. Bridge of Spies (2015)
I am a partner in Waters, Cowan and Donovan.Ich bin Partner bei Watters, Cowan und Donovan. Bridge of Spies (2015)
Mr. Waters had moved it over to Jack Elwes's office. Along with the first draft of the appeal.Mr. Watters bat mich, sie an Jack Elwes weiterzuleiten, zusammen mit dem Revisionsentwurf. Bridge of Spies (2015)
- You can go back to your desk and tweet, twat, whatever the fuck you've been doing for the rest of your life.- Ja. Du kannst ins Büro zurückkehren und ein Leben lang twittern oder twattern. Rebirth (2016)
My name is Colonel Watterson Bixby of Leaping Frog, Amarillo County, Texas.Ich bin Oberst Watterson Bixby aus Leaping Frog, Amarillo County, Texas. Jitterbugs (1943)
A Texas Casanova by the name of Col. Watterson Bixby...Ein texanischer Casanova namens Oberst Watterson Bixby... Jitterbugs (1943)
Colonel Watterson Bixby of Amarillo County, Texas, my fair lady.Oberst Watterson Bixby aus Amarillo County, Texas, schöne Frau! Jitterbugs (1943)
Colonel Watterson Bixby. I'm almighty proud to meet you all.Oberst Watterson Bixby, ich bin mächtig stolz, Sie kennen zu lernen. Jitterbugs (1943)
And it shall be Colonel Watterson Bixby's pleasure... my little magnolia blossom.Die gehen natürlich auf Oberst Watterson Bixby... meine kleine Magnolienblüte. Jitterbugs (1943)
And now, Colonel Watterson Bixby, I'll deal with you.Und jetzt zu Ihnen, Oberst Watterson Bixby! Jitterbugs (1943)
Colonel Watterson Bixby of Amarillo County, Texas.Oberst Watterson Bixby aus Amarillo County, Texas. Jitterbugs (1943)

CMU English Pronouncing Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (pronunciation guide only)
fly-swatter    (n) - (f l ai1 - s w o t @ r)
fly-swatters    (n) - (f l ai1 - s w o t @ z)

German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
Fliegenklatsche {f}swatter [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
スァット[, suatto] (vs) swat - to hit with a sharp slapping blow usually with an instrument (as a bat or flyswatter) [Add to Longdo]
蝿叩き;ハエ叩き[ハエたたき(ハエ叩き);はえたたき(蝿叩き), hae tataki ( hae tataki ); haetataki ( hae tataki )] (n) fly swatter [Add to Longdo]
変わっている;変わってる[かわっている(変わっている);かわってる(変わってる), kawatteiru ( kawa tteiru ); kawatteru ( kawa tteru )] (exp,v1) (sometimes derogatory) (See 変わる・かわる・3) to be unusual (of a person or of a thing); to be uncommon; to be peculiar; to be crazy; to be eccentric; to be different [Add to Longdo]

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