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Forget Pacquiao, man, the guy who's gonna clean Mayweather's clock, - my boy Canelo Alvarez.Vergiss Pacquiao, Mann, der Kerl, der Mayweathers Uhr reinigt, mein Junge Canelo Alvarez. The Goat Rodeo (2013)
Canelo, don't be a nuisance.Canelo, benimm dich! Julieta (2016)
Come on, Canelo!Komm, CaneloJulieta (2016)
Canelo will keep you company.Canelo kann dir auf jeden Fall Gesellschaft leisten. Julieta (2016)
Canelo, come here!Canelo! Komm her! Julieta (2016)
I only needed a ride to help Canelo balance some books because my brother didn't finish high school.Das war nur, um Canelo mit der Buchhaltung zu helfen, weil mein Bruder die Highschool nie abschloss. Ghost Rider: The Ghost (2016)
I was just telling Canelo here how tight we used to be back at Garfield High.Ich habe Canelo erzählt, wie eng befreundet wir auf der Garfield High waren. Ghost Rider: Meet the New Boss (2016)
Yo, I got to head to Canelo's.Yo, ich muss zu CaneloGhost Rider: Uprising (2016)
Took work at Canelo Auto and Body to help pay the rent.Arbeitet bei Canelo Auto and Body, um die Miete zu zahlen. Ghost Rider: Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire (2016)
Hey, Mr. Canelo, it's, uh, Gabriel Reyes.Hi, Mr. Canelo, hier ist Gabriel Reyes. Ghost Rider: The Good Samaritan (2016)
Come here, Canelo!Komm her, CaneloViridiana (1961)
come here! Come on, don't be afraid.Ruhig, Canelo, sei brav. Viridiana (1961)

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Canelo    (n) (k @ n e1 l ou)

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