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次长[cì zhǎng, ㄘˋ ㄓㄤˇ, / ] deputy chief [Add to Longdo]

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Both issues are the purview of the Administrative Vice-Minister of Defense, but he didn't mention them when I spoke to him just now.[CN] 虽然都属于国防省事务次官的管辖 不过刚刚交谈时 次长什么都没说 Ghost in the Shell Arise: Border 2 - Ghost Whisper (2013)
By the way... Chief MIN apologized a few days ago.[CN] 那个 不久前 闵次长跟我道歉了 Very Ordinary Couple (2013)
I visited the Commissioner and found her there![CN] 去了趟次长家 可狐狸精似的李研家捷足先登了 Obsessed (2014)
- Mr. LEE![CN] -刘次长 The Attorney (2013)
Should have sent a better present to the Commissioner.[CN] 给联合社次长家送的礼似乎太少了 Obsessed (2014)
It's a long trip, but if it works out, it's the last long trip we have to make.[CN] 虽然路途遥远 但如果行得通 这会是我们最后一次长途跋涉 What Happened and What's Going On (2015)
The Commissioner's![CN] 次长家啊 Obsessed (2014)
Under Secretary Pierce took pity on him.[CN] 皮尔斯次长可怜他 The Things We Bury (2014)
This started as a plan for the Vice-Minister to sell Pandora![CN] 本来的作战 是等次长拿潘多拉来交换 Ghost in the Shell Arise: Border 2 - Ghost Whisper (2013)
Trust me. Has the undersecretary considered the prime minister's proposal?[CN] 次长考虑过首相的提案了吗? Tuhon (2014)
Dr. Nathan Getz, special assistant to the undersecretary of foreign affairs, State Department.[CN] Nathan Getz博士 国务院外事次长特别助理 Tuhon (2014)
Don't let her close the robe again.[CN] 不要让她接近 再次长袍。 Open Windows (2014)

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