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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
内視鏡[ないしきょう, naishikyou] (n) endoscope [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
We will now being Yotsuya Atsushi-san's endoscopic and laparascopic partial resection of the duodenum.[JA] (加地)これより 四谷篤さんの→ 腹腔鏡内視鏡併用 十二指腸局所切除手術を行います。 Episode #1.4 (2012)
Laparoscopy and endoscopy simultaneously?[JA] ♪♪~ (神原)腹腔鏡と内視鏡の併用? Episode #1.4 (2012)
The bleeding can't be stopped through an endoscope.[JA] 内視鏡じゃ止血無理。 Episode #1.3 (2012)
All I did was cut according to the endoscopy marks.[JA] 俺は 内視鏡のマークどおりに 切っただけだ。 Episode #1.4 (2012)
This is the laparascopic endoscopic hybrid that even Kaji Sensei couldn't do.[JA] はい。 ここから 加地先生にも出来ない 腹腔鏡内視鏡ハイブリッド。 Episode #1.4 (2012)
If it's hard to ascertain the position, why don't you do an endoscopy too?[JA] 位置の把握が難しいなら 内視鏡も使えば? Episode #1.4 (2012)
You mark the spot with the endoscope.[JA] お前は 内視鏡でマークしろ。 Episode #1.4 (2012)
I call it laparascopic/endoscopic hybrid surgery.[JA] 名付けて 腹腔鏡内視鏡ハイブリット手術。 Episode #1.4 (2012)
You knew from the start that it was impossible to perform laparoscopy and endoscopy simultaneously, didn't you?[JA] 初めから 一人で 腹腔鏡と内視鏡の併用なんて→ 出来っこないって わかってたんだろ? Episode #1.4 (2012)
It's fully endoscopic?[JA] それは内視鏡ですか? Critical (2012)
Using the endoscope, 5 mm away from the lesion, puncture with a pointed scalpel and coagulate.[JA] (加地)内視鏡で 病変から5ミリ外側を→ 針状メスで 穿孔 凝固。 Episode #1.4 (2012)
If Daimon-kun successfully performs her laparascopic/endoscopic hybrid surgery and I can make a double presentation along with my K-RAS research....[JA] 大門君の腹腔鏡内視鏡 ハイブリット手術が成功して→ 私のK‐RAS遺伝子変異の 研究と ダブルで発表すれば... Episode #1.4 (2012)

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