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... Iwillkillyou quickly.ฉันจะฆ่านาย ทันที 24: Redemption (2008)
It's not killy enough.คงไม่ใช่มั้ง Clip Show (2013)
... whowouldkillyou as soon as look at you....ซึ่งจะฆ่าใครก็ตามมันเห็นหน้า Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)
Legends like Killy, the last to exit and win slalom could,Legenden wie Killy, der Letzte, der Abfahrt und Slalom gewinnen konnte, Streif: One Hell of a Ride (2014)
But Killy's been working the Russians ever since they were Soviets.Aber Killy bearbeitete schon die Russen, als sie noch Sowjets waren. Karakurt (No. 55) (2015)
Killy.KillyBlame! (2017)
Killy!KillyBlame! (2017)
I'm Killy.Ich bin... KillyBlame! (2017)
Mr. Killy rescued us.Killy hat uns gerettet. Blame! (2017)
Your name was Killy, right?Dein Name war Killy, nicht? Blame! (2017)
Killy.KillyBlame! (2017)
Killy, take me to the automated factory.Killy, bring mich zur Fabrikstätte. Blame! (2017)
- Killy, move that rubble out of the way.- Killy, räum den Schutt aus dem Weg. Blame! (2017)
Killy.KillyBlame! (2017)
Come on, Killy.Hör zu, KillyBlame! (2017)
We'll be fine as long as we're with Killy.Halt dich an Killy, und du bist sicher. Blame! (2017)
I can make thousands of the portable rations like the kind Killy had.Ich kann Tausende dieser tragbaren Portionen herstellen, die Killy dabeihatte. Blame! (2017)
My sister's doing better thanks to the food that Killy gave us.Meiner Schwester geht es dank Killys Nahrung besser. Blame! (2017)
Hey, Killy.KillyBlame! (2017)
Killy's metabolism is different from normal humans.Killys Metabolismus funktioniert anders. Blame! (2017)
But with me and Killy here, you'll be okay.Mit Killy und mir seid ihr sicher. Blame! (2017)
Killy, put me on that console.Killy, leg mich auf die Konsole. Blame! (2017)
Killy, can you hear me?Killy, hörst du mich? Blame! (2017)
Hey, Killy!Hey, KillyBlame! (2017)
I've come to rescue you, Killy.Ich bin hier, um dich zu retten, KillyBlame! (2017)
Killy, we'd finally gotten the synthetic terminal and everything.Killy, fast hätten wir das geschafft mit der künstlichen Datenstation. Blame! (2017)
Killy.KillyBlame! (2017)
Killy!KillyBlame! (2017)
Killy's fine.Killy geht es gut. Blame! (2017)
Killy.KillyBlame! (2017)
Hey, Killy.Hey, KillyBlame! (2017)
Killy.KillyBlame! (2017)
You were with Killy, right, Zuru?Du warst bei Killy, oder? Blame! (2017)
Killy!KillyBlame! (2017)
Killy!KillyBlame! (2017)
Killy.KillyBlame! (2017)
Let's go, Killy.Auf geht's, KillyBlame! (2017)
Killy.KillyBlame! (2017)
Killy, what are you doing? Hurry and get in!Killy, worauf wartest du? Blame! (2017)
Killy!Komm schon. KillyBlame! (2017)
What's wrong, Killy?Was ist los, KillyBlame! (2017)
Killy.KillyBlame! (2017)
My grandmother always talked to me about Killy when I was young.Als Kind erzählte mir meine Großmutter viele Geschichten über KillyBlame! (2017)
How do you like Kelly in the seventh?Was hältst du von Killy im 7. Rennen? Angel Face (1953)
Through Killybegs, Kilkerry and Kildare?Durch Killybegs, Kilkerry und Kildare? Finian's Rainbow (1968)
Through Killybegs, Kilkerry and Kildaire?Durch Killybegs, Kilkerry und Kildare? Finian's Rainbow (1968)
You mean Jean-Claude Killy.Sie meinen Jean-Claude KillyFrench Connection II (1975)

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (pronunciation guide only)
skilly    (n) (s k i1 l ii)

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