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金额[jīn é, ㄐㄧㄣ ㄜˊ, / ] money amount; monetary value, #2,273 [Add to Longdo]

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Yeah, I'm not surprised.[CN] 我们让他保证了付你原本承诺的金额 并在本季度结束后雇佣你 Quid Pro Quo (2017)
That and whatever the common-fund proceeds of Sandpiper ultimately adds up to, you'll receive 20% of that --[CN] 再加上矶鹞渡一案的共同基金 不管最终金额有多少 你都会拿到两成 Marco (2015)
I guess I'll go with that.[CN] 总金额: 105,840 日元 Urite to kaite (2015)
...with robbers making off with close to 100 million rand.[CN] 被抢金额据报已近一亿南非币 Chappie (2015)
What will help us appeal the amount is if we know the details that led to your confession.[CN] 我们在上诉减少金额的时候 最好是能够知道 你到底是为什么招供的 Let's Get to Scooping (2014)
- I mean this isn't the number you give to make someone go away.[CN] 我拿到了一个赔偿金额 很不错 Divide and Conquer (2017)
- So, the trunk show is this Saturday.[CN] 室井太太订购金额 Shitagittenani? (2015)
Why is that?[CN] 但追加贷款金额恐怕有困难 Uragiri to yokubou (2015)
- I just want to see a real amount of speed here.[CN] - 我只是想看看速度的真正金额在这里。 Hello Ladies: The Movie (2014)
A check! Oh, yeah. It's a lot of zeroes.[CN] {\fn微软雅黑\fs18\b1\bord1\shad1\3cH2F2F2F}收款人 科林·卡文迪什 金额 一百万 The Man in the Killer Suit (2014)
Will you give us... another chance?[CN] 总金额: 105,840 日元 Urite to kaite (2015)
- I'm saying that when someone acts like this, there's more to find.[CN] 这个金额何止是不错 简直好得离谱 Divide and Conquer (2017)
"BOND OF DEBT"[CN] 金额 Scarlet Innocence (2014)
I want to be Casper the Ghost.[CN] 这部分金额 Blackhat (2015)
It's double the amount of time it shoulda taken.[CN] 这是 双倍时间是早该采取的金额 Into the Grizzly Maze (2015)
Let's do this for today.[CN] 总金额: 2,500 日元 Urite to kaite (2015)
At a value of 200 million dollars![CN] 金额是2亿美金 Lupin the 3rd (2014)
Jason Gable, as a part of the settlement, agreed to supersize the kid's college funds.[CN] 杰森·戈布 作为离婚协议的一部分 答应增加孩子大学基金的金额 Ka Hana Malu (2014)
[Sighs] But it's a -- it's a lot of money for nothing.[CN] 这段时间里的保险金额退给我 Expenses (2017)
So, what's this test supposed to do, rate the amount of crazy of everyone on board?[CN] 那么,什么是这个测试应该做的事情, 率疯狂每个人的金额在船上?  ()
My client is very uneasy.[CN] 想要转动洗钱机 总得知道金额和状态吧 Master (2016)
And, uh, even if you argue your way around that the charitable immunity statute caps damages at 20 grand.[CN] 就算你能绕过这个问题,慈善豁免法令规定 索赔金额不超过2万元 Spotlight (2015)
Start the operation.[CN] 这次促销中 开户金额达到了10亿以上 Master (2016)
We've learned it was just over $800,000 stolen from the Gibbs Security truck this morning.[CN] 我们得知今早从Gibbs安全公司的车子上 We've learned it was just over $800,000 被抢走的金额超过了80万美元 stolen from the Gibbs security truck this morning. Nothing Gold Can Stay (2015)
Your brother's sugar company is guilty of tax evasion amounting to one million Reichsmark.[CN] 你弟弟的制糖公司涉嫌逃税 Your brother's sugar company is guilty of tax evasion 金额高达一百万马克 amounting to one million Reichsmark. Woman in Gold (2015)
- Yeah.[CN] -每个金额的第二位数字都是3 -对 - Second number in each is a 3. The Accountant (2016)
Are you serious, Mike?[CN] 我是说 这个金额不只是想让你停手 Divide and Conquer (2017)
She can give us account numbers, amounts.[CN] 她可以给我们账号 金额 Monarch Douglas Bank (No. 112) (2014)
Transportation is waiting for you.[CN] {\1cHC2CECF}票面金额 John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)
Bearer bonds. One billion.[CN] 金额和状态怎么样 Master (2016)
Will he sell the ruby... or buy the necklace for that exact price.[CN] 他会以这个金额... 卖红宝石还是买项链呢? Lupin the 3rd (2014)
If Mr. Pramuk does not sell, he must then pay the same amount to buy the necklace.[CN] 如果普拿穆古先生不卖的话 他就必须以2亿的金额买这条项链 Lupin the 3rd (2014)
Bullshit. Mike Ross is some clinic worker.[CN] 如果你要求提高诉讼金额 你至少要有胆自己来谈 Admission of Guilt (2017)
And I'm charging you with three counts of interrupting this "Baby in a Faulty High Chair" video.[CN] 你打扰了我看"坐劣质高脚凳的婴儿"视频 And I'm charging you with three counts of interrupting 我要罚你三倍的金额 this "Baby in a Faulty High Chair" video. And the Move-In Meltdown (2015)
- ... patterns.[CN] 大多数人在写一堆假金额时会不自觉地使用固定的数字... Most people, when generating random numbers tends to relies subconsciously on certain... The Accountant (2016)
I got married here and now I'm here again.[CN] {\move(664,250,950,250,0,0)}铁托是莫斯科派来的特工 如果你以现在的价值衡量 他们达成金额是500亿美元 Houston, We Have a Problem! (2016)
That's how much was taken.[CN] 这是被抢走的总金额 That's how much was taken. Nothing Gold Can Stay (2015)
But this is less than half of the original price.[CN] 总金额: 43,200 日元 Urite to kaite (2015)
The whole class.[CN] 总共的金额 Trust Issues (2014)
There was no prior talk of withdrawal. If you do this, we'll go bankrupt![CN] 我们是来请求追加贷款金额 Uragiri to yokubou (2015)
What do you want? I want 20% of the Malaysian tin ore hit.[CN] 20%的金额 Blackhat (2015)
Well, actually the time value of money is such that... if I were to put that same amount in my own fund... in 23 years' time, I'd have in excess of $3 million.[CN] 实际上,金钱的时间价值是... 如果我把同等金额的钱财 投放到我自己的基金... 长达二十三年之久 我已经至少收获了三百万 Get Hard (2015)
You're on a different level, chief.[CN] 金额不小啊 组长 A Hard Day (2014)
Yesterday we got 20.7 market share.[CN] "由于3200欧元的债务" "我们将没收位于克鲁斯街6号的房产" "除非以上金额通过银行转账的方式" Skins (2017)
In order to pursue the case in Austria, the government demands a deposit against the cost of $1.8 million, and that's for starters.[CN] 如果在奥地利上诉 In order to pursue the case in Austria, 政府要求支付押金 the government demands a deposit against the cost 金额高达180万美元 这还仅仅只是个开始 of $1.8 million, and that's for starters. Woman in Gold (2015)
I had to find out where she stood.[CN] 这是金额 Brooklyn Housing (2017)
I'll let you in the back door. As a team leader, you'll earn pots of it. How about it?[CN] 每招募一个会员 奖励金额200万 Master (2016)
- That's not the right amount.[CN] - 这金额不对啊 Wild Card (2015)
They're sending her off to this summer program in Oxford.[CN] 你一直在压力下的一个特殊的金额  ()
This is for you.[CN] 他们曾帮助我们 They have helped us recover significant sums 收回多笔逾期贷款 金额甚巨 from parties who had fallen into deep arrears. The Spoils of War (2017)

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