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You know, you fanboys are unbelievable.[CN] 你们这些粉丝真是不可理喻 The Excelsior Acquisition (2010)
Unbelievable![CN] 真是不可理喻 It's Better to Be Wealthy and Healthy Than Poor and Ill (1992)
Jesus Christ Almighty! Fucking albacore around my neck![CN] 老天爺 你這女人真是不可理喻 Down Neck (1999)
No, sir, not me, I guarantee it[CN] 真是不可理喻 Beauty and the Beast (2017)
You're unbelievable.[CN] 你真是不可理喻 Trust (2010)
(chuckling) Oh, you can't be serious.[CN] 你真是不可理喻 The Hawking Excitation (2012)
-You're unbelievable, Buddy.[CN] 你真是不可理喻 巴迪 Buddy Hutchins (2015)
You are unbelievable.[CN] 你真是不可理喻 The Spoiler Alert Segmentation (2013)
-You're unbelievable.[CN] 你真是不可理喻 Buddy Hutchins (2015)
- I'm impressed by your sharp eye.[CN] 你真是不可理喻 Womanlight (1979)
- I guarantee it. - [Miss Ham] He is ridiculous.[CN] 我保证 他真是不可理喻 Secretariat (2010)
I heard with my own ears what colleagues said about The Mirror - it was unbelievable.[CN] 我亲耳听到那些同行是怎么评价《镜子》的 - 那真是不可理喻 The Sacrifice (1986)
You're unbelievable.[CN] 你真是不可理喻啊 你知道吗? The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2012)
- You are absolutely impos-- - Oh![CN] 你真是不可理喻 Tarzan (1999)
This business is insane, psychotic.[CN] 这个行业真是不可理喻 乱七八糟的 Sleepwalk with Me (2012)
Eddie, you're impossible![CN] You're impossible! Eddie 你真是不可理喻 Gold Finger (2012)
You are unbelievable.[CN] 你真是不可理喻 Knocked Up (2007)
How 'bout stepping aside and letting me be the man in this relationship for a change?[CN] 你就不能闪一边去 让我 像个男人那样做次主不行吗 你现在真是不可理喻 Man of the House (2012)
The Seeker was right. You are an unreasonable species.[CN] 探寻者是对的 你们真是不可理喻的种族 The Host (2013)
This is fucking ridiculous.[CN] 真是不可理喻 Neighbors (2014)
You're unbelievable.[CN] 你真是不可理喻 You're unbelievable. Choke Hold (2014)
- God, you're impossible.[CN] -老天,你真是不可理喻 Die Another Day (2002)
She's impossible. I should've cast Vivien.[CN] 她真是不可理喻 我应该让费雯来演的 My Week with Marilyn (2011)
You're unbelievable.[CN] 你真是不可理喻 You're unbelievable. SNAFU (2015)
She belongs to nice Mr and Mrs Schroder and lives in Geneva with the rest of her family.[CN] 我母亲今晚真是不可理喻 想跟我的童年比较一下吗 The London Season (2013)
Watson, now you are not making any sense![CN] 你现在真是不可理喻 Sherlock Holmes (2009)
You are completely impossible.[CN] 你真是不可理喻 The Next Three Days (2010)
Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.[CN] 不可理喻 真是不可理喻 I Give It a Year (2013)
You got no more sense than a duck.[CN] 你真是不可理喻 Pursued (1947)
You're so ridiculous.[CN] 你真是不可理喻 Night and Day (2008)
You're impossible.[CN] 你真是不可理喻 Unaccompanied Minor (2011)
You're impossible.[CN] 你真是不可理喻 Wetlands (2013)
It's so unbelievable.[CN] 真是不可理喻 Episode #1.8 (2011)
- This means nothing. - You are unbelievable.[CN] 这个毫无意义 你真是不可理喻 Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! (2004)
These new rules are insane.[CN] 这些新规定真是不可理喻 Apologies Are Dangerous (2014)
The difference between your grotesqueness and mine is that I won't give in![CN] 你便无立足之地了 你生活的方式真是不可理喻 你可比一个妓女还不如 Scenes from a Marriage (1973)
You are unbelievable.[CN] 你真是不可理喻 The Engagement Reaction (2011)
Yeah. He's impossible.[CN] 对,他真是不可理喻 Ghost on the Highway (2011)
You people are unbelievable.[CN] 你们这些人真是不可理喻 Like Father, Like Daughter (2013)
Marlet's a respected orchestra that Streseman himself once conducted.[CN] 怎麼能這樣 真是不可理喻 休得列傑曼年輕的時候曾擔任過 盧馬萊樂團的音樂總監 Nodame Cantabile: The Movie I (2009)
You're unbelievable![CN] 你真是不可理喻 Dead Friend (2004)
He's impossible, isn't he?[CN] 他真是不可理喻, 不是吗? The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)
- You're unbelievable.[CN] -你真是不可理喻 Like Father, Like Daughter (2013)
You can't even talk to her.[CN] 她真是不可理喻 Cold Stones (2006)
That's ridiculous. That's absurd.[CN] 真是不可理喻 荒唐 Good Luck Chuck (2007)
It doesn't make any sense. I got four jobs.[CN] 真是不可理喻,我要干四份工 Knocked Up (2007)

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