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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
活泼[huó po, ㄏㄨㄛˊ ㄆㄛ˙, / ] lively; vivacious; brisk; active, #7,597 [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Already an active little one.[CN] 已经发育成一个活泼的小家伙了 Wow Me (2014)
Yes, sir. Man. She was always bright, that one.[CN] 报告 是! 她总是活泼开朗 Life of a King (2013)
Oh, I'm sorry. Please excuse me.[CN] 不就是精力旺盛活泼又可爱 幼齿就是这样 Love & Friendship (2016)
I won't defend this as youthful high spirits.[CN] 我可不认为年轻活泼就该是这副模样 I won't defend this as youthful high spirits. The Road to Damascus (2015)
That woman wrote in again about her racy doll collection and another guy sent in a picture of his penis...[CN] 那个女人写在再次 她活泼的娃娃集合 而在发送另一个人 他的阴茎的图片... The Right Kind of Wrong (2013)
we're strong and tough and lively[CN] 我们坚固耐用还很活泼 we're strong and tough and lively The Clean Room (2014)
You keep saying this about our daughter I think she is quite adorable and cute lsn't she?[CN] 你怎么老这样说我们女儿? 我觉得我们女儿挺活泼,挺有趣 对吧? Aberdeen (2014)
Perky.[CN] 活泼 Men, Women & Children (2014)
Aaron came from a family of three brothers, all extraordinarily bright.[CN] 罗伯特·斯沃茨 亚伦的父亲 他们三人都极其活泼 {\fnTahoma\fs14\1cH3CF1F3}all extraordinarily bright. The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (2014)
Okay, so the... the juxtaposition of your lively personality with the extremely dull workplace makes you attractive to all of these...[CN] 好, 所以. 并列 你的性格活泼与 极其沉闷的职场 Judicial Oversight (2014)
The first Kansai Dilemma in Terrace House.[CN] 来自大阪 既活泼又主动的关西腔 Case of Poke Bowl (2016)
She is a lovely child ah[CN] 是个活泼可爱的孩子啊 Our Little Sister (2015)
Jaunty?[CN] 奔放活泼 Life of Riley (2014)
In grade school she was wild and popular, and I was an introvert with braces.[CN] 我的好姐妹 小学时她是活泼的风云人物 我是内向的牙套妹 Moms' Night Out (2014)
She's very energetic.[CN] 非常活泼 Commitment (2013)
-You want to sleep here?[CN] 我比平时还活泼 Scissorhands (2016)
You set up the room?[CN] -今天比平时还活泼 Scissorhands (2016)
I can get into reggae, gypsy music, classical, dubstep.[CN] 我爱听雷盖乐啊 吉普赛乐啊 (快节奏 风格活泼) 古典乐啊 电子乐啊... Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013)
-Yes, it makes me want to know him.[CN] 要活泼和比较擅长社交的那型 Shall We Pas de Deux? (2016)
I grew up in a very energetic, happy puerto rican family.[CN] 我在一个活泼快乐的 波多黎各家庭中长大 Blind Auditions (2013)
Relationships are all about timing.[CN] -比理子还活泼? -如果觉得 Slow Down Your Love (2016)
Like Tony-- outgoing, talented, worldly.[CN] 像是东尼 - -活泼外向, 天资聪颖, A Case of You (2013)
Dr. Yveline Montase, hospital director.[CN] 你好医生"活泼Muntar"医院院长 Voodoo Possession (2014)
She was so lively and wonderful.[CN] 那孩子可真是活泼啊 太出色了 Why Don't You Play in Hell? (2013)
RIKO NAGAI, 18 YEARS OLD, 4TH YEAR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT[CN] -对 很活泼 Byrnes Sandwich (2016)
Let me guess, you finally came up with a snappy retort?[CN] 让我猜猜 你结束了 配备了一个活泼的反驳? The Makeover (2013)
Hyperactivity.[CN] 活泼得有点过头 Mommy (2014)
Hikaru?[CN] -他很活泼 Love Is in the Air (2016)
And smart and bright and funny.[CN] 聪明 活泼 有趣 I Give It a Year (2013)
Ha, ha.[CN] 成一个活泼的制服 哈 哈 The Zero Theorem (2013)
That's all any driver can do. Next question.[CN] 团结紧张,严肃活泼,每个车手都该做到 Turbo (2013)
Gail is perky, that's something.[CN] 盖尔很活泼,这也是他的特点 The Lego Movie (2014)
Eeyore, where's the perky psycho?[CN] 怎么郁闷了,你的活泼劲儿呢 Prophets (2014)
Healthy. Full of spirit, thank God.[CN] 他们都很健康很活泼 感谢上帝 Jimmy's Hall (2014)
You must have a ghost story or two rattling around in that loaf of yours.[CN] 你一定有个鬼故事... ...或是有两个活泼的小鬼在你的面包上游荡 字幕OCR: 贾宝玉 字幕校对: Set Fire to the Stars (2014)
I wasn't particularly cheerful as a young man.[CN] 我年轻的时候不是特别活泼外向 Life of Riley (2014)
This may surprise you, Colin, but I used to be joyful and jaunty.[CN] 这也许会让你吃惊 考林 我过去其实是奔放又活泼 Life of Riley (2014)
She's perky.[CN] 她很活泼 The Big Wedding (2013)
You promised to tell her the truth after the case was over if she helped us out.[CN] 不是吹牛 但我们比多数犯人和看守 要更机智活泼 Devil's Backbone (2016)
Cuddly, cute, adorable[CN] 有趣,活泼,可爱 Aberdeen (2014)
But he's a snappy dresser.[CN] 但他是一个活泼的梳妆台。 Prosecuting Casey Anthony (2013)
Yes, with the exotic look.[CN] -实里是很活泼的模特儿 New Boys, New Girls, New City (2015)
You will sit next to Akzhan. She is very lively and enthusiastic.[CN] 你过去坐在阿卡莎旁边 她很活泼也很热心 Harmony Lessons (2013)
A feisty redhead who loves art.[CN] 活泼的红头发女人 她热爱艺术 Bass Player Wanted (2013)
But in my head, I'm kind of imagining it's something more like a...[CN] 不错喔,感觉蛮活泼 The Angry Birds Movie (2016)
Ella's stepmother, high-spirited lady that she was, set out to restore life and laughter to the house.[CN] Ella的继母, 是个活泼的女人。 尝试 带来一点欢乐进了屋。 Cinderella (2015)
Signor Placentio and his lovely wife, my nephew, Count Tybalt, and Lucio and lively Helena, my fairness, Rosaline." What assembly is this?[CN] 普拉琴蒂先生和他可爱的妻子 我的侄子,提伯尔特伯爵 卢西奥和活泼的海伦娜 Romeo & Juliet (2013)
I am perky.[CN] 我很活泼 The Brittany Murphy Story (2014)
So, after all the tests and all the death, your research hasn't yielded any progress.[CN] 他们只是稍微活泼了一点 Isle of the Dead (2016)

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