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Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary (UNAPPROVED version -- use with care )
時差ぼけ[じさぼけ, jisaboke] (n ) อาการอ่อนเพลียจากการเดินทางด้วยเครื่องบินเป็นเวลานาน

Japanese-Thai: Saikam Dictionary
時差[じさ, jisa] Thai: ความต่างของเวลาระหว่างประเทศหนึ่งกับอีกประเทศหนึ่ง English: time difference

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
時差[じさ, jisa] (n) time difference; (P) [Add to Longdo]
時差ぼけ;時差惚け[じさぼけ, jisaboke] (n) jet-lag [Add to Longdo]
時差出勤[じさしゅっきん, jisashukkin] (n) staggered work hours [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
时差[shí chā, ㄕˊ ㄔㄚ, / ] time difference; time lag; jet lag, #17,691 [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
I hope you are willing to communicate under these conditions because e-mail is the most effective and convenient under different time zones!時差のある場合、電子メールが最も効果的で便利な手段ですので、メールを使って連絡をしてくださることを希望します。
The company is attempting to stagger work hours.会社は時差通勤を導入しようとしています。
It's been a week, but I'm still suffering from jet lag.1週間経ったけど、ぼくはまだ時差ぼけに苦しんでいる。 [M]
Whenever I go abroad, I suffer from jet lag and diarrhea.海外にいくとかならず、時差ぼけと下痢になやまされる。
I'm still suffering from jet lag.私はまだ時差ぼけに苦しんでいます。
Jet lag is more than just feeling tired - on top of that you just don't feel well.時差ボケって、ただ眠いって感じではなくて、眠い上になんか気持ちも悪くなるんだよね。
I've got a bad case of jet lag.時差ボケで辛い。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
I just got off the plane. I'm still jet-lagged.[JA] 着いたばかりで 時差ボケだ A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)
So, you wanted to wait and call Mildred... at a time that was convenient for her because of the time difference.[CN] 這樣啊 你是因為時差 才半夜打給她 The Parent Trap (1998)
And I do not handle jet lag well.[JA] まだ時差ボケが Now You See Me (2013)
This little maneuver's gonna cost us 51 years![JA] 今度の時差は なんと51年だぞ Interstellar (2014)
You know you could have killed me out there?[CN] 妳當時差點就把我殺了 Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)
And the jet lag?[JA] 時差はどうだ? Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)
It's like really bad jet lag.[JA] 強烈な時差ぼけのようなものだ The Little Prince (2009)
Took me a minute. Must be the jet lag.[JA] 時間がかかった きっと時差ボケだったんだ Hitman (2007)
I get terrible jet lag, so I have these pills I take and they knock me out.[JA] 時差ボケがひどくて いつもの薬を飲んだら 眠ってしまった Episode #1.8 (2013)
Cause I'm way too jet-lagged to deal with any of that right now.[JA] 何しろ時差ぼけが酷くて今は そういうのに付き合いきれない A561984 (2009)
He's asleep on the boat. Jet lag.[JA] 船で寝てるよ 時差ぼけさ The Cold Light of Day (2012)
9:00. Be there at 5:00, Dylan.[CN] 飛行5小時, 加3小時時差 所以他到的時間是 Friends with Benefits (2011)
I'm okay, just jet-lagged.[JA] うん 時差ボケなだけだから Chupacabra (2014)
11 :00, 12:00![JA] -時差境界線- 11時、12時! Paul (2011)
I was like, you know, we walk around with all this stuff buzzing around in our heads, and then you throw in the jet lag and the long hours?[JA] 事務作業で頭がブンブンして 時差ボケと長時間残業の中 Stay with Me (2008)
I was provoked at that moment,but...[CN] 我當時差點被他氣死了 Zesshô (1975)
Come on, I've been operating for 13 hours non-stop.[JA] 頼むよ 13時間も時差があるんだから Night Market Hero (2011)
Jet lag, I guess.[JA] たぶん時差ボケね The Good Soldier (2011)
Really bad jet lag doesn't make you hemorrhage, Daniel.[JA] あなたはその時差ぼけに かかってないわ The Little Prince (2009)
The time discrepancy, the rates of descent, second shooters, detonation patterns, cellular records, communication towers, multi-layered encryption, all of the damn chem trails in the sky.[JA] 時差、 降下率、 FPSゲーム、 Down the Mississippi (2015)
WELL, I DON'T KNOW. YOU'RE JET-LAGGED, RIGHT?[JA] えー、別に 君は時差ぼけだろ? Haywire (2011)
I don't know.[JA] 時差ボケのせいかな When in Rome (2010)
My shooting hand. Got some jet lag so...[JA] 単なる時差ぼけだよ... The Karate Kid (2010)
As you say, it's Thanksgiving, and there's the time difference so it may take time to make contact.[CN] 現在是感恩節 有時差 因此,需要花一定的時間聯繫 Unknown (2011)
I'm late and I'm tired. I'm pretty jetlagged.[JA] 疲れてるんだ ちょっと 時差ボケもあってさ Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)
With the time difference, they might have filed another report.[JA] 時差が有ったので 別の報告書を出した可能性がある Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016)
Wow, how was that jet lag?[JA] 時差ボケは? Knock Knock (2015)
I'm barely feeling any jetlag.[JA] 私は辛うじて時差ぼけを感じる Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)
You've got all jet-lagged, have you?[JA] 時差ボケか? No Escape (2015)
I'm jet-lagged, Sherlock.[JA] 私 時差ボケしてるわ シャーロック Step Nine (2013)
You must still be jet-lagged.[JA] まだ時差ボケしてる筈 Blind Spot (2011)
Sorry. Jet-lagged[CN] 對不起,時差 Fu sing (2012)
You'll be sleepy... from the jet lag.[JA] 眠くなるぞ... 時差ぼけで The Body (2012)
Why do you look so jet-lagged?[JA] なぜそんなに 時差ぼけした様に見えるの? Bitchcraft (2013)
Because-- Because of the time difference. Uh-huh.[CN] 沒錯 就是因為時差 The Parent Trap (1998)
There's a difference in time.[CN] 時差 Tenchi: The Samurai Astronomer (2012)
This thing is a fucking mess, man.[CN] 崔佛哄騙我加入他們的零時差攻擊 Snowden (2016)
How do you not have jet lag?[CN] - 你怎麼能沒時差呢? Time Will Tell (2010)
I just got to get back into this time zone, that's all.[JA] 体が時差の調節を しているだけだ Chupacabra (2014)
Jet-lag.[JA] 時差ボケだ A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)
As you say, it's Thanksgiving, and there's the time difference so it may take time to make contact.[JA] as you say it's thanksgiving あなた それ 感謝祭と言うので and there's the time difference 時差がある so it may take time to make contact 接触を作るには時間がかかる できるように Unknown (2011)
I almost died when I lost him.[CN] 我失去他時差點死了 Room 33 (2015)
Hey, what's the time difference to Malawi?[JA] マラウイとの時差は? Run (2015)
right?[JA] ハワイとの時差は19時間だよな Episode #1.2 (2013)
flash-forward, it was April 30th, 6:00 A.M., but I was in London, which is eight hours ahead of the west coast, so it makes sense.[JA] 俺のフラッシュフォワードでは, 4月30日の午前6時だったんだ でもロンドンにいたから 西海岸とは8時間の時差がある No More Good Days (2009)
Just jet lag. I'm just tired.[JA] ええ 軽い時差ボケ The East (2013)
I had a really weird night, you know, a couple of weird nights.[JA] 本当に異様な夜を過ごした 異様な夜のカップル 時差ぼけした 3 Days to Kill (2014)
I think that time change has made you a little loopy. Come on.[CN] 我看你是被時差弄糊塗了 The Parent Trap (1998)
Do I look like a guy who's jet-lagged?[JA] 私が時差ボケしてるように見えるか? No Escape (2015)
It's for working out. It's for getting over jetlag.[CN] 這是健身用的,倒時差要喝的 From Paris with Love (2010)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
時差[じさ, jisa] Zeitunterschied [Add to Longdo]

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