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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[从, cóng, ㄘㄨㄥˊ] from, by, since, whence, through
Radical: Decomposition: 人 (rén ㄖㄣˊ)  人 (rén ㄖㄣˊ) 
Etymology: [ideographic] One person 人 following another,  Rank: 98
[两, liǎng, ㄌㄧㄤˇ] two, both, pair, couple; ounce
Radical: Decomposition: 一 (yī )  冂 (jiōng ㄐㄩㄥ)  从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [ideographic] Two people 从 together in a cart,  Rank: 133
[坐, zuò, ㄗㄨㄛˋ] seat; to sit; to ride, to travel by
Radical: Decomposition: 从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ)  土 (tǔ ㄊㄨˇ) 
Etymology: [ideographic] Two people 从 sitting on the ground 土,  Rank: 611
[纵, zòng, ㄗㄨㄥˋ] to indulge in, to give free reign to
Radical: Decomposition: 纟 (sī )  从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] thread,  Rank: 1,236
[丛, cóng, ㄘㄨㄥˊ] bush, shrub; thicket; collection
Radical: Decomposition: 从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ)  一 (yī ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] one,  Rank: 1,678
[耸, sǒng, ㄙㄨㄥˇ] to excite, to urge; to raise; to shrug; lofty, towering
Radical: Decomposition: 从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ)  耳 (ěr ㄦˇ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] ear,  Rank: 2,163
[巫, wū, ] wizard, sorcerer, witch, shaman
Radical: Decomposition: 工 (gōng ㄍㄨㄥ)  从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [pictographic] A cross-shaped divining rod,  Rank: 2,189
[卒, zú, ㄗㄨˊ] soldier; servant; at last, finally
Radical: Decomposition: 亠 (tóu ㄊㄡˊ)  从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ)  十 (shí ㄕˊ) 
Etymology: [pictographic] A soldier in armor,  Rank: 2,584
[怂, sǒng, ㄙㄨㄥˇ] to arouse, to incite, to instigate
Radical: Decomposition: 从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ)  心 (xīn ㄒㄧㄣ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] heart,  Rank: 3,702
[枞, cōng, ㄘㄨㄥ] fir tree
Radical: Decomposition: 木 (mù ㄇㄨˋ)  从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] wood,  Rank: 4,497
[苁, cōng, ㄘㄨㄥ] a medicinal herb; Boschniakia glabra
Radical: Decomposition: 艹 (cǎo ㄘㄠˇ)  从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] herb,  Rank: 4,704
[赍, jī, ㄐㄧ] gift, present; offering
Radical: Decomposition: 十 (shí ㄕˊ)  从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ)  冖 (mì ㄇㄧˋ)  贝 (bèi ㄅㄟˋ) 
Etymology: [ideographic] Money 贝 from 从 someone,  Rank: 5,246
[雜, zá, ㄗㄚˊ] mix, blend; various, miscellaneous
Radical: Decomposition: 亠 (tóu ㄊㄡˊ)  从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ)  木 (mù ㄇㄨˋ)  隹 (zhuī ㄓㄨㄟ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] ,  Rank: 6,439
[齒, chǐ, ㄔˇ] teeth; gears, cogs; age
Radical: Decomposition: 止 (zhǐ ㄓˇ)  凵 (qiǎn ㄑㄧㄢˇ)  从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ)  一 (yī )  从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [pictographic] Upper and lower teeth 从; 止 provides the pronunciation,  Rank: 7,140
[韱, xiān, ㄒㄧㄢ] wild onions or leeks
Radical: Decomposition: 从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ)  戈 (gē ㄍㄜ)  韭 (jiǔ ㄐㄧㄡˇ) 
Etymology: [ideographic] Harvesting 戈 scallions 韭,  Rank: 8,189
[來, lái, ㄌㄞˊ] to arrive, to come, to return; in the future, later on
Radical: Decomposition: 木 (mù ㄇㄨˋ)  从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [ideographic] A wheat plant that has just borne fruit; compare 来
[僉, qiān, ㄑㄧㄢ] all, together, unanimous
Radical: Decomposition: 亼 (jí ㄐㄧˊ)  口 (kǒu ㄎㄡˇ)  口 (kǒu ㄎㄡˇ)  从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [ideographic] Many people 从 talking 口 under one roof 亼
[夾, jiā, ㄐㄧㄚ] to support; to be wedged between
Radical: Decomposition: 大 (dà ㄉㄚˋ)  从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [ideographic] Two people 从 supporting someone 大 from either side
[從, cóng, ㄘㄨㄥˊ] from, by, since, whence, through
Radical: Decomposition: 彳 (chì ㄔˋ)  从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ)  足 (zú ㄗㄨˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] step
[疭, zòng, ㄗㄨㄥˋ] clonic convulsions
Radical: Decomposition: 疒 (nè ㄋㄜˋ)  从 (cóng ㄘㄨㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] sickness

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[cōng, ㄘㄨㄥ, / ] lax; yielding; unhurried, #49 [Add to Longdo]
[cóng, ㄘㄨㄥˊ, / ] from; to obey; to observe; to follow; surname Cong, #49 [Add to Longdo]
[zòng, ㄗㄨㄥˋ, / ] second cousin, #49 [Add to Longdo]
[cóng ér, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄦˊ, / ] thus; thereby, #1,146 [Add to Longdo]
[cóng shì, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄕˋ, / ] go for; engage in; undertake; to deal with; to handle; to do, #1,931 [Add to Longdo]
[cóng lái, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄌㄞˊ, / ] always; at all times; never (if used in negative sentence), #2,046 [Add to Longdo]
[zì cóng, ㄗˋ ㄘㄨㄥˊ, / ] since (a time); ever since, #3,342 [Add to Longdo]
[cóng cǐ, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄘˇ, / ] from now on; since then; henceforth, #3,376 [Add to Longdo]
[cóng xiǎo, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄒㄧㄠˇ, / ] from childhood; as a child, #4,139 [Add to Longdo]
[cóng wèi, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄨㄟˋ, / ] never, #4,256 [Add to Longdo]
[cóng zhōng, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄓㄨㄥ, / ] from; therefrom, #4,901 [Add to Longdo]
[cóng bù, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄅㄨˋ, / ] never, #4,992 [Add to Longdo]
[cóng qián, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄑㄧㄢˊ, / ] previously; formerly, #5,636 [Add to Longdo]
[cóng méi, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄇㄟˊ, / ] never (in the past); never did, #7,598 [Add to Longdo]
[fú cóng, ㄈㄨˊ ㄘㄨㄥˊ, / ] to obey (an order), #7,822 [Add to Longdo]
来不[cóng lái bù, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄌㄞˊ ㄅㄨˋ, / ] never, #7,891 [Add to Longdo]
[cōng róng, ㄘㄨㄥ ㄖㄨㄥˊ, / ] go easy; unhurried, #8,084 [Add to Longdo]
业人员[cóng yè rén yuán, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄧㄝˋ ㄖㄣˊ ㄩㄢˊ, / ] employee; person employed in a trade or profession, #8,739 [Add to Longdo]
[wú cóng, ˊ ㄘㄨㄥˊ, / ] not to have access; beyond one's authority or capability; sth one has no way of doing, #11,919 [Add to Longdo]
[cóng tóu, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄊㄡˊ, / ] anew; from the start, #13,472 [Add to Longdo]
[cóng yè, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄧㄝˋ, / ] to practice (a trade), #13,836 [Add to Longdo]
[tīng cóng, ㄊㄧㄥ ㄘㄨㄥˊ, / ] to listen and obey; to comply with; to heed; to hearken, #14,609 [Add to Longdo]
力不[lì bù cóng xīn, ㄌㄧˋ ㄅㄨˋ ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄒㄧㄣ, / ] less capable than desirable (成语 saw); not as strong as one would wish; the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, #20,445 [Add to Longdo]
头到尾[cóng tóu dào wěi, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄊㄡˊ ㄉㄠˋ ㄨㄟˇ, / ] from head to tail; the whole (thing), #21,112 [Add to Longdo]
[shùn cóng, ㄕㄨㄣˋ ㄘㄨㄥˊ, / ] obedient; to comply; to submit, #23,267 [Add to Longdo]
无所适[wú suǒ shì cóng, ˊ ㄙㄨㄛˇ ㄕˋ ㄘㄨㄥˊ, / ] not knowing which course to follow (成语 saw); at a loss what to do, #24,252 [Add to Longdo]
[zūn cóng, ㄗㄨㄣ ㄘㄨㄥˊ, / ] to comply with; to follow (directives); to defer (to the judgement of superiors), #24,533 [Add to Longdo]
[suí cóng, ㄙㄨㄟˊ ㄘㄨㄥˊ, / ] to accompany; to follow, #26,352 [Add to Longdo]
[cóng shǔ, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄕㄨˇ, / ] subordinate, #30,934 [Add to Longdo]
[Cóng huà, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄏㄨㄚˋ, / ] (N) Conghua (city in Guangdong), #32,396 [Add to Longdo]
[máng cóng, ㄇㄤˊ ㄘㄨㄥˊ, / ] to follow blindly; to conform slavishly; unthinking obediance, #34,182 [Add to Longdo]
头到脚[cóng tóu dào jiǎo, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄊㄡˊ ㄉㄠˋ ㄐㄧㄠˇ, / ] from head to foot, #37,020 [Add to Longdo]
[Shěn Cóng wén, ㄕㄣˇ ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄨㄣˊ, / ] Shen Congwen (1902-1988), novelist, #38,525 [Add to Longdo]
容不迫[cóng róng bù pò, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄖㄨㄥˊ ㄅㄨˋ ㄆㄛˋ, / ] calm; unruffled, #39,225 [Add to Longdo]
[Cóng jiāng, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄐㄧㄤ, / ] (N) Congjiang (place in Guizhou), #48,988 [Add to Longdo]
[gēn cóng, ㄍㄣ ㄘㄨㄥˊ, / ] follow, #49,254 [Add to Longdo]
[cóng mìng, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄇㄧㄥˋ, / ] to obey an order; to comply; to do sb's bidding; to do as requested, #56,645 [Add to Longdo]
一而终[cóng yī ér zhōng, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄧ ㄦˊ ㄓㄨㄥ, / ] faithful unto death (i.e. Confucian ban on widow remarrying), #56,674 [Add to Longdo]
[cóng yōu, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄧㄡ, / ] preferential treatment; most favored terms, #56,924 [Add to Longdo]
[yī cóng, ㄧ ㄘㄨㄥˊ, / ] to comply with; to obey, #68,566 [Add to Longdo]
口入[bìng cóng kǒu rù, ㄅㄧㄥˋ ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄎㄡˇ ㄖㄨˋ, / ] illness finds its way in by the mouth, #68,676 [Add to Longdo]
四德[sān cóng sì dé, ㄙㄢ ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄙˋ ㄉㄜˊ, / ] Confucian moral injunctions for women - namely obey in turn three men father, husband and son, plus the four virtues of morality 德, physical charm 容, propriety in speech 言 and efficiency in needlework 功, #68,873 [Add to Longdo]
[xìn cóng, ㄒㄧㄣˋ ㄘㄨㄥˊ, / ] to trust and obey, #79,069 [Add to Longdo]
善如流[cóng shàn rú liú, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄕㄢˋ ㄖㄨˊ ㄌㄧㄡˊ, / ] readily following good advice (成语 saw); willing to accept other people's views, #82,742 [Add to Longdo]
恭敬不如[gōng jìng bù rú cōng mìng, ㄍㄨㄥ ㄐㄧㄥˋ ㄅㄨˋ ㄖㄨˊ ㄘㄨㄥ ㄇㄧㄥˋ, / ] deference is no substitute for obedience (成语 saw); to follow sb's precepts is the sincerest form of respect, #83,066 [Add to Longdo]
天降[xǐ cóng tiān jiàng, ㄒㄧˇ ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄊㄧㄢ ㄐㄧㄤˋ, / ] joy from heaven (成语 saw); overjoyed at unexpected good news; unlooked-for happy event, #89,015 [Add to Longdo]
心所欲[cóng xīn suǒ yù, ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄒㄧㄣ ㄙㄨㄛˇ ㄩˋ, / ] whatever you like; to do as one pleases, #102,212 [Add to Longdo]
择善而[zé shàn ér cóng, ㄗㄜˊ ㄕㄢˋ ㄦˊ ㄘㄨㄥˊ, / ] to choose the right course and follow it (成语 saw), #120,978 [Add to Longdo]
主人[míng cóng zhǔ rén, ㄇㄧㄥˊ ㄘㄨㄥˊ ㄓㄨˇ ㄖㄣˊ, / ] named after (the original owner), #289,612 [Add to Longdo]
[xùn cóng, ㄒㄩㄣˋ ㄘㄨㄥˊ, / ] tame; obedient, #403,465 [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Thanks to these women, my life will change a lot.[CN] 我半年前开始 和这五个来历不明的女人 开始了同居生活 Choices (2017)
Fresh eggs! Eggs! Fresh eggs![JA] 産湯坑ててのたま已は 凵百コんガヘ Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (2011)
I will burn the place down.[CN] 她刚刚开始就一动也不动的 Affection (2017)
Didn't you... send me the invitation?[CN] 我今天开始要在这里住下来 The Mysterious Million Yen Women (2017)
WEEKLY SALES RANKING[CN] 然而在我父亲出事数天后 她一句话也没说 就这么我身边消失 Affection (2017)
I came here today to show you something.[CN] 远处支持着他 Emotions (2017)
I just came out here to spar and chill.[CN] 利尔B霍普高中退学 并前往佛罗里达... (佛罗里达州劳德代尔堡) ...找了一份拳击陪练的工作 CounterPunch (2017)
-Good night.[CN] (《容的救世主》) Affection (2017)
Fine. I will take care of it.[CN] 否则此之后 都不会在我们出版社发新书了 Affection (2017)
Yes?[CN] 听说自母亲去世后 她就无依无靠了 Reason (2017)
I want you to take care of Michi, all right?[CN] 小时候开始 平常都睡在拍摄现场的椅子上 Affection (2017)
Novel, you're only 31, right?[CN] (《容的救世主》 花木柚) The Mysterious Million Yen Women (2017)
In the near future, the whole world will know the name Shin Michima.[CN] 名气、销售量、预约状况 还有数据看来 初版的三千本就很足够了 Appeal (2017)
'Cause y'all take too long. He talks too much.[CN] 如果他继续听意见 努力训练 他一定会是冠军 CounterPunch (2017)
These women came to my house because they received invitations.[CN] 我说你 到底是哪里来的? The Mysterious Million Yen Women (2017)
Maybe so.[CN] 我将会创造至今未有过的 创新的情感 Absolute (2017)
The number of mysterious women was reduced to four, and our odd lifestyle instantly became extraordinary again.[CN] 我半年前开始和五个女人 开始了同居生活 Disbanded (2017)
This guy's totally hot.[CN] (《容的救世主》 花木柚) Appeal (2017)
Even simpler, if it won an award, or something.[CN] 你刚出道时 她就一直是你的书迷 Confrontation (2017)
unlike you.[CN] 我不想听那个人所说的话 Emotions (2017)
The number of mysterious women was reduced to four, and our odd lifestyle instantly became extraordinary again.[CN] 我半年前开始 和这五个女人开始了同居生活 Ready (2017)
Even on the final page of the novel, we never learn the names of the characters.[CN] 初版虽然是三千本开始 但因为获奖了 就决定紧急再版二十万本 Appeal (2017)
Our bizarre lives together came to an end.[CN] 我半年前开始 和五个女人开始了同居生活 Confrontation (2017)
After what my father did,[CN] 我读过出道作之后 到现在一直都是 Appeal (2017)
Did you know about that?[CN] 白川小姐在事什么工作? Disbanded (2017)
Have you been well since we last met?[CN] 今以后 道间慎 Confrontation (2017)
Yesterday afternoon, at an apartment in Kita Ward, middle-aged male and female were stabbed dozens of times, and ending up being killed.[CN] 我半年前开始 和收到不明人士所寄出的邀请函的 五个女人 开始了同居生活 Reason (2017)
I spent time with Nanaka Hiraki.[CN] 打心底深爱着我这个人 Reason (2017)
My books could never do that.[CN] (《容的救世主》 花木柚) The Mysterious Million Yen Women (2017)
We've come to a world now where winning is all that matters.[CN] 他们的纪录只是1 -7 他们以前没打过拳击 或者是首次上场 CounterPunch (2017)
Here it is. Shin Michima, Drifting Emotions .[CN] 而是一开始就没有上架吧? Appeal (2017)
Well, yes. That's one way to think of it.[CN] 把对人毫无用处的烂书 这个世界上抹除 也是评论家的重大使命吧? Absolute (2017)
Subtitle translation by Brian Athey[CN] 时至今日 我也没后悔过 The Mysterious Million Yen Women (2017)
Thanks to these women, my life will change a lot.[CN] 我半年前开始 和这五个女人开始了同居生活 Absolute (2017)
I mean, you can't win everything, though. You know? Mmm...[CN] 我来不喜欢 为自己的糟糕表现找借口 CounterPunch (2017)
That record got me to that title.[CN] 所以现在比赛冠军争夺战 变成了非冠军战 CounterPunch (2017)
I guess so.[CN] -我没醉过 怎么可能会醉? Appeal (2017)
Okay.[CN] 警察那听来的菜菜果的经历 Reason (2017)
YUKI KOBAYASHI, 24[CN] 我半年前开始 和这五个女人开始了同居生活 Appeal (2017)
I never once felt like I fit in at the orphanage.[CN] 一起生活的所有孩子们 进去的那天起 就成了兄弟姐妹 Choices (2017)
Laugh if it's fun. Cry if it's sad.[CN] 我未独立生活过 Confrontation (2017)
Mr. Sakurai, can I talk to you?[CN] 她和我高中就开始交往 Affection (2017)
Who told you where I live?[CN] 因为今天开始 我就会住在这里 Emotions (2017)
Thanks to the involvement of these five women.[CN] 我半年前开始 和这五个女人开始了同居生活 Affection (2017)
I won one billion yen.[CN] 说真的 我来没有融入其中过 Choices (2017)
My life won't bring back his life.[CN] 时至今日 我也没后悔过 Values (2017)
- That's no draw.[CN] 他们都不同角度看着 CounterPunch (2017)
Oh, it's all right.[CN] 今以后 我想作为他的头号书迷 Emotions (2017)
Yep, yep, don't give up. No, no, no. Five more.[CN] 事实上 理论上说 你可以什么都赢 CounterPunch (2017)

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