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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
肥皂泡[féi zào pào, ㄈㄟˊ ㄗㄠˋ ㄆㄠˋ, ] soap bubble, #60,392 [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Open Subtitles  **ระวัง คำแปลอาจมีข้อผิดพลาด**
She really might've gotten soap in her eyes.[CN] 她早就把肥皂泡抹好了. Jet Pilot (1957)
I just wanna lather them up with soap and just...[CN] 我真想在那上面涂满肥皂泡然后... Meet the Fockers (2004)
J' A soapsuds stickleback navy[CN] ~一个肥皂泡沫 拘泥回海军~ Boys (1996)
Leave me in my bubble that cost me years of therapy.[CN] 让我待在自己的肥皂泡里 那让我做了几年的心理治疗 Son of the Bride (2001)
Unlike the typical Thai massage, they prefer to use soap bubbles.[CN] {\fnFangSong_GB2312\bord1\shad1\pos(200,288)}不同於泰式按摩那樣 喜歡用浮床擦肥皂泡 Under the Rose (1992)
This one looks like an old lady. Why does it bother you?[CN] 如果我想呆在家, 如果我想吹肥皂泡 Love with the Proper Stranger (1963)
Why is a soap bubble round?[CN] 为什么肥皂泡是圆的? K-PAX (2001)
They got soap in them.[CN] 肥皂泡遮住眼睛了. Uh Jet Pilot (1957)
Some nice suds.[CN] 好漂亮的肥皂泡 Paprika (1991)
This is just a shot in the dark, but her eyes don't look like they had soap in 'em.[CN] 瞎猜的(a shot in the dark), 但是她眼睛不像进过肥皂泡. Jet Pilot (1957)
A soap bubble is round... because it is the most energy-efficient configuration.[CN] 肥皂泡是圆的 因为那是最有能量效率的形状 K-PAX (2001)

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