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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
殷切[yīn qiè, ㄑㄧㄝˋ, ] ardent; eager; earnest [Add to Longdo]

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There are plenty of college graduates out there ardently hoping to leave the world better than they found it.[CN] 有很多 高校毕业生有... 殷切希望离开世界 优于他们发现。 Admission (2013)
Mr. Barnes, the reform movement in Iran is one of the president's great hopes for the region and crucial to the petroleum security of the United States.[CN] 巴恩斯先生, 伊朗的改革运动 是总统先生对这个地区的殷切希望 并且对美国的石油安全来说意义非凡 Syriana (2005)
As I told you, His Majesty is most desirous to make an alliance with the Emperor.[CN] 正如我所说 国王陛下殷切地希望 As I told you, His Majesty is most desirous 能与皇帝结成联盟 to make an alliance with the Emperor. Lady in Waiting (2008)
I shouldn't have taken his name, except it were what he wanted.[CN] 如果不是他殷切希望 我本不该用他的姓氏 Episode #2.6 (2011)
It's a preposterous situation, but entirely of our own making.[CN] 在我们殷切充满喜悦让这些可爱家伙 降临世间之前有很长时间 他们在上面少不了会监视和评断我们 生儿育女是我们梦寐以求的 在这当中 我们也正养育带着色眼镜看我们的批判者 Love & Friendship (2016)
Today's the much anticipated Happy Wednesday[CN] 今天殷切的盼望着 Happy Wednesday Memories of Matsuko (2006)
It was sort of chaotic at Ardent and the future was all unknown.[CN] 杂志内容有点混乱的殷切 和未来一切都不得而知。 Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me (2012)
But they didn't give a damn about Ardent Records.[CN] 但他们并没有给一个该死 关于殷切记录。 Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me (2012)
"cause when I'd say "Ardent" they thought I was saying "Argent.."[CN] 因为当我想说殷切 他们以为我在说银色.. Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me (2012)
I still marvel at the fact that Ardent Records paid to get 140 rock writers in the same place.[CN] 我仍惊叹于这个事实, 已缴付的殷切记录 获得140岩石作家 在同一个地方。 Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me (2012)
And Mother waited for him with anticipation until the very end.[CN] 而母亲殷切地等待着他 直到最后一刻 Saawariya (2007)
... andcarryoutwhatthey long for, but are unable to put a voice to.[CN] 没有动机的人们殷切盼望 却不能大声说出口的事情 Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG - Individual Eleven (2006)

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