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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
攻撃性[こうげきせい, kougekisei] (n) aggressiveness; aggression [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
If I can modify them, aggression and violent behavior will be removed.[JA] もしできれば 攻撃性や暴力性は取り除かれる The Augments (2004)
When exposed to human males, it accelerates the metabolism... causing aggression and ultimately a form of delusion.[JA] 人間の男性が晒されると 新陳代謝が加速され 攻撃性と極度の妄想を引き起こします Bound (2005)
It says that in South-East Asia the men believe eating the penis will improve their sex drive and that you'll take on the spirit and the aggression of the crocodile.[JA] 東南アジアで 男達は信じているが ペニスを食べると性欲増進になると そして あなたは鰐の精神と攻撃性を 獲得する Black Water (2007)
That's a shame, because I could tell you a lot about interpersonal aggression.[JA] 残念だな 多くを語れたのに 対人攻撃性についてね Spooky Little Girl (2011)
May cause anxiety, aggression, seizure, suicidal thoughts, dementia...[JA] それは不安や攻撃性を... Pain & Gain (2013)
Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility.[JA] 完璧なまでの攻撃性 Alien (1979)
Their increased aggression is matched by their decreased inhibitions.[JA] 攻撃性が増す分、自制心が無くなる Divergence (2005)
In the current round of testing, we are focusing on ways of using light spectra to neutralize aggressive behaviour in criminals.[JA] 今回の実験では 犯罪者の攻撃性をスペクトルで 緩和する事が主題です Playtime (2012)
Not everyone has insomnia, and impulsivity and rage issues, Nathan.[JA] 不眠症に悩まされた 衝撃性と攻撃性 Abduction (2011)
It's your breeding skin fueling the aggression you need to become Queen.[JA] 繁殖期の皮膚が 女王になる為 攻撃性を高めているの Birth Pangs (2011)
Made them almost uncontrollably aggressive.[JA] 制御不能の攻撃性 The Hounds of Baskerville (2012)
We found soldiers to be the ideal test subjects due to their elevated levels of aggression.[JA] 攻撃性を高めた概念モデルの 兵士を開発しました Playtime (2012)

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