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抽样[chōu yàng, ㄔㄡ ㄧㄤˋ, / ] sample; sampling [Add to Longdo]

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Somewhere in the neighborhood of about 20% of the obese children have elevated abnormal liver function tests, and we have now started a study where we're biopsying these children to see what their livers actually look like under the microscope,[CN] 抽样调查大概有20%的肥胖孩子 肝功能系统紊乱 那是我们对活组织切片在显微镜下 Super Size Me (2004)
We're in the middle of a sampling audit.[CN] 我们正在进行抽样检测 The Bourne Legacy (2012)
The idea being that all of nature's interconnected in such a way that the past, the present, and the human mind, through an act of random sampling, if you will, can predict the course of future actions.[CN] 他的观点是自然界的万物存在某种方式的互动联结 包括过去,现在,以及人性 如果你原意的话,这可以通过随机抽样技术来验证 Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball (2010)
Computer, sample and stain with HE and P.A.s.[CN] 电脑,抽样并用H、E与PAS染色 The Andromeda Strain (2008)
What could you do about random selection?[CN] 三个胖婆学踢毽 呀学踢毽 说了是随机抽样的 还能怪谁呢 McDull, Kung Fu Kindergarten (2009)
To prove the mozart Εffect... one group of fetuses listened to mozart... selected randomly while another group listened to nonsense songs[CN] 也就是说 为了证明莫扎特有效 她们除给了给胎儿听莫扎特音乐之外 还会随机抽样 McDull, Kung Fu Kindergarten (2009)
You scared me. What's wrong? We're just sampling.[CN] 你吓到我了 怎么了,我们只是抽样检查一下 Eastern Promises (2007)
By random or per someone's order?[CN] 是随机抽样,还是上头下命令? Z Storm (2014)
Come on. You know I can't do a bone marrow aspiration in the hallway.[CN] 好了 你知道我没法在通道里做骨髓抽样 Kids (2005)
Well, like I said, statistical sampling isn't really my area of expertise.[CN] 我说过 统计抽样并不是我的专业领域 A More Perfect Union (2013)
I could be wrong. It's a small sampling.[CN] 我可能会搞错 毕竟是小范围抽样 Lifeguard (2009)
How many people were sampled?[CN] 抽样调查的人数是多少 The Line (2014)

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