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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
心因[しんいん, shin'in] (n) psychogenesis [Add to Longdo]
心因性反応[しんいんせいはんのう, shin'inseihannou] (n) (See 心因反応) psychogenic reaction [Add to Longdo]
心因反応[しんいんはんのう, shin'inhannou] (n) (See 心因性反応) psychogenic reaction [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
- Dude, he just cast psychogenic probe.[CN] 伙计 他刚刚打了一张"心因检查器" Cock Magic (2014)
Your honor, is this court willing to send my client to prison... on the basis of a botched up investigation?[CN] 法官大人 法庭真的决心因为完全错误的调查 Your honor, is this court willing to send my client to prison. 而送我的当事人进监狱吗 on the basis of a botched up investigation. Jolly LLB (2013)
I've endured to the extent where I could even break out with psychogeneic hives![JA] 私だってね 心因性じんましんが できそうなほど我慢してるわよ! Hotaru no hikari (2007)
- I only get upset when my common decent rights are trying to be taken away by a bunch of goddamn Nazis.[CN] 我不开心因为我的人权被 一群纳粹夺走 Hits (2014)
And thus, your psychogenic hives?[JA] 。 それで 心因性じんましん? Hotaru no hikari (2007)
And you're worried that the rejection of being dumped as a patient could potentially turn her violent.[CN] 而你担心因作为你的病人被你抛弃 而产生的抗拒 有可能触发她的暴力行为? Crazy for You (2014)
Quickly exterminate the fleas, flea-woman![JA] 何が心因性だよ! さっさと ダニ退治しろ このダニ女! Hotaru no hikari (2007)
(Sachiko) Psychogenic?[JA] (早智子) 心因性? Hotaru no hikari (2007)
I thought you got your pride wounded.[CN] 我想你了 你的自尊心因此受到伤害。 Jamesy Boy (2014)
We think Nick is suffering from a severe psychological breakdown.[JA] ニックは強度の心因性衰弱に 苦しんでいる Skin Trade (2014)
"I fear now they're going back "without any expression of interest from anyone[CN] "我擔心因為官方沒有表達出興趣 他們將回到原點" Lincoln (2012)
Truth, I'm worried that my changing body may make me less desirable to my partner.[CN] 老实说 我担心因为怀孕的丑态 让我的伴侣对我性趣缺缺 Wanderlust (2012)

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