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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
在東京[ざいとうきょう, zaitoukyou] (n) situated in Tokyo [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
We must fight for equality. That's why I became a journalist in Tokyo.[CN] 我決定在東京做報社的記者 Eros + Massacre (1969)
I heard a while ago that she studied music in Tokyo.[CN] 之前我聽說她在東京學習鋼琴 House (1977)
But you're staying in Tokyo tonight'?[CN] 今天就在東京住吧 Four Seasons: Natsuko (1980)
VWI you come to Tokyo again?[CN] 妳準備在東京發展嗎? Four Seasons: Natsuko (1980)
I was... we were... it was the last night of the tour in Tokyo.[CN] 是我... 我們... 在東京的最後一場巡迴 Last Days (2005)
So, if you meet Krauser in Tokyo by chance... give him this.[CN] 在東京碰見小克勞澤的話 幫我給他 去吧 Detroit Metal City (2008)
You have a sister in Tokyo'?[CN] 妳妹妹在東京嗎? Four Seasons: Natsuko (1980)
My dream... is to live in a fashionable apartment in Tokyo... to live a fashionable life...[CN] 我的夢想.. 在東京住時尚的房子 過時尚的生活... Detroit Metal City (2008)
One in Taipei, one in Beijing, one in Tokyo, and also Paris and New York.[CN] 在台北有一棟房子,在北京有棟房子 在東京一棟房子 在巴黎、紐約都有一棟房子 Ren zai Niu Yue (1989)
Let's see I'm 24 in marketing... and I like sexy women with really big huge boo... hi there this is captain e*.[CN] 先謝謝了. 我20左右,在東京一家公司工作. 我要找援助交際,15歲或者更小的最好── Love & Pop (1998)
Sure. There are many beneath Tokyo Station[CN] 在東京車站有很多的 The Discarnates (1988)
I think, Tokyo can be quite troublesome, but... maybe you'll find a sweet girlfriend soon...[CN] 在東京雖然事事很不容易 但快點找個女朋友啊.. Detroit Metal City (2008)

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