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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
压倒[yā dǎo, ㄧㄚ ㄉㄠˇ, / ] overwhelming; overpower, #18,943 [Add to Longdo]
压倒[yā dào xìng, ㄧㄚ ㄉㄠˋ ㄒㄧㄥˋ, / ] overwhelming, #34,390 [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
I just don't want people, like, eating stuff, like, and putting their hands in it or out.[CN] 碾压他们 精神上压倒他们 我受不了有人吃东西 The Girl Who Walks Away (2015)
For the pride, these are hungry times.[CN] 母狮们必须想办法压倒公牛 但脚底沼泽太过湿滑 她们无法借力 Grasslands (2016)
Benner reached this conclusion when he found that particular elements believed to be crucial to the origin of life are not readily available on Earth, and would only have been present on the surface of the Red Planet.[CN] 它是几乎压倒性。 Destination Mars (2016)
No one expected Geeta to win this match.[CN] 吉塔借力反击压倒娜欧蜜 吉塔反倒得1分 Dangal (2016)
If you do get into a fight, take it to the ground, get on top of the guy, isolate one of his limbs, and make it bend the wrong way[CN] 你就把人压倒在地上 take it to the ground, get on top of the guy, 压制住他的一只手或脚 把它往反方向折 isolate one of his limbs, and make it bend the wrong way - 直到他哭着求饶 Personality Crisis (2015)
Even on the final page of the novel, we never learn the names of the characters.[CN] 这是全场一致的、压倒性的结果 Appeal (2017)
All right, I'll come by tomorrow. We can get started on the ceiling.[CN] 压倒性获胜 The Purge: Election Year (2016)
But we were first.[CN] 由于是他们先对外发表 官司对我们是压倒性的不利 Uragiri to yokubou (2015)
All this prey is just an appetizer.[CN] Everything alive in the path of the raiders 侵入者路线上的所有活物 overwhelmed by sheer numbers. 都被绝对数量压倒 Hide and Seek (Forests) (2015)
Be intimidating.[CN] 气势上压倒她 Be intimidating. The Skywalker Incursion (2015)
Geeta attacks![CN] 吉塔取得压倒性优势 Dangal (2016)
He rides the subway, two hours, every day to Flatbush, Brooklyn, so he can train at the very last free boxing gym in New York City,[CN] 但我不会让它把我压倒 CounterPunch (2017)

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