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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[傑, jié, ㄐㄧㄝˊ] hero; heroic, outstanding
Radical: Decomposition: 亻 (rén ㄖㄣˊ)  桀 (jié ㄐㄧㄝˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] person

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
[けっさく, kessaku] (adj-na,n) (1) masterpiece; best work; (2) blunder (with sarcastic tone); boner; (P) [Add to Longdo]
作揃い[けっさくぞろい, kessakuzoroi] (n) full array of masterpieces [Add to Longdo]
[けっし, kesshi] (n) hero; great man [Add to Longdo]
[けっしゅつ, kesshutsu] (n,vs) excel; foremost; (P) [Add to Longdo]
[けつじん, ketsujin] (n) outstanding person [Add to Longdo]
[けつぶつ, ketsubutsu] (n) great man; heroic figure; remarkable character [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
あの絵画は印象派美術の作である。That painting is a masterpiece of impressionist art.
この交響曲は真の作だ。This symphony is a real masterpiece.
この本は現在のところ彼の最高作だ。This book is his best effort to date.
この本は彼の最高作の一つとみなされている。This book counts among the best of his work.
この話は作だ。This conversation is a masterpiece.
これが現在までの私の最高作です。This is my best work to date.
その偉大な画家の作が壁にさかさまにかかっているを見て、彼は驚いた。He was surprised to find the great artist's masterpiece hung on the wall upside down.
その大富豪は費用には関係なくその作を購入するつもりだった。The millionaire intended to purchase the masterpiece regardless of cost.
それらはヨーロッパ芸術の偉大な作だ。They are great masterpieces of European art.
ターナーは同時代の画家の中でも出している。Turner stands out among the painters of his time.

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[jié, ㄐㄧㄝˊ, / ] hero; heroic [Add to Longdo]
杰伊汉港[Jié yī hàn gǎng, ㄐㄧㄝˊ ㄧ ㄏㄢˋ ㄍㄤˇ, / ] Ceyhan (Turkish mediterranean port) [Add to Longdo]
杰佛兹[jié fó zī, ㄐㄧㄝˊ ㄈㄛˊ ㄗ, / ] (James) Jeffords (US Senator from Vermont) [Add to Longdo]
杰作[jié zuò, ㄐㄧㄝˊ ㄗㄨㄛˋ, / ] masterpiece [Add to Longdo]
杰克森[jié kè sēn, ㄐㄧㄝˊ ㄎㄜˋ ㄙㄣ, / ] Jackson (name) [Add to Longdo]
杰出[jié chū, ㄐㄧㄝˊ ㄔㄨ, / ] illustrious [Add to Longdo]
杰夫[jié fū, ㄐㄧㄝˊ ㄈㄨ, / ] Jeff or Geoff (name) [Add to Longdo]
杰弗逊[Jié fú xùn, ㄐㄧㄝˊ ㄈㄨˊ ㄒㄩㄣˋ, / ] Jefferson [Add to Longdo]
杰弗里乔叟[Jié fú lǐ Qiáo sǒu, ㄐㄧㄝˊ ㄈㄨˊ ㄌㄧˇ ㄑㄧㄠˊ ㄙㄡˇ, / ] Geoffrey Chaucer (English author) [Add to Longdo]
杰拉[jié lā, ㄐㄧㄝˊ ㄌㄚ, / ] Gela (city in Sicily) [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
[けつ, ketsu] HERVORRAGEN [Add to Longdo]
[けっさく, kessaku] Meisterwerk [Add to Longdo]
[けっしゅつ, kesshutsu] hervorragen, herausragen [Add to Longdo]
[けつぶつ, ketsubutsu] grosser_Mann, herausragende_Figur [Add to Longdo]

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