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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
事权[shì quán, ㄕˋ ㄑㄩㄢˊ, / ] position; authority; responsibility [Add to Longdo]

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And the partners need this class action in order to fight for that control.[CN] 合伙人需要利用这桩集体诉讼 赢得话事权 Real Deal (2011)
How many janitors you know have any kind of power to speak of?[CN] 你知道有多少看门人有话事权吗? The Lookout (2007)
When you're in there you act as a witness, and when this is over, we'll bring a civil rights prosecution against these bastards.[CN] 你在场见证一切 当事情解决后 我们会对那些混蛋提起民事权利公诉 Unthinkable (2010)
Well, I have the hiring power, but this is my aunt's business.[CN] 虽然人事权实质在我手里 但这里也是我姑姑的店啊 How to Steal a Dog (2014)
Watch yourself B.A now.[CN] 注意点 怪头 你在这没有话事权了 Watch yourself B. The A-Team (2010)
And to fire someone for their politics is a civil rights violation.[CN] 由于政治立场解雇某人是民事权的侵犯 Parenting Made Easy (2011)
And you do know that the whole Civil Rights thing did take place, just FYI.[CN] 而你知道, 整个民事权利的事情 确实发生了, 只是仅供参考。 Hatchet III (2013)
- She argued with everyone.[CN] 她和每一个人争论 这并非民事权的侵犯对吧 Parenting Made Easy (2011)
There is definitely loss of consortium, but how about mental anguish?[CN] 当然有民事权剥夺, 但是精神苦闷又怎样? Nightwatch (1997)
civil-rights lawyer, does a lot of pro bono work.[CN] 民事权益律师 常为慈善机构提供的免费服务 The Lost Heir Job (2009)
But there is no cap for civil rights violations.[CN] 但民事权侵犯不被包括在内 Parenting Made Easy (2011)
They had hit the center of economic power in New York, and they then had hit the center of military power at the Pentagon.[CN] 他们击中了中心 经济实力在纽约, 然后他们打了 军事权力中心 在五角大楼。 The Unknown Known (2013)

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