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中转站[zhōng zhuǎn zhàn, ㄓㄨㄥ ㄓㄨㄢˇ ㄓㄢˋ, / ] hub (network equipment) [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Hey, Paul, Paul, Paul, look![CN] 这个特殊的小站作为一个中转站 Indian Ocean Coastal Waters (2008)
Uur place was only a stop for him.[CN] 我们这里只是他的一个中转站 Second Time Around (2002)
America's industry is ten times greater than ours.[CN] 是因为这里有美国舰队的中转站 如果比较开发以后的国民生产总值 Hawai Middowei daikaikûsen: Taiheiyô no arashi (1960)
Here are the transfers. Gas up here.[CN] 这是中转站,在这里加油 Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009)
It was... Almost like a middle station for German destroyers.[CN] 就像德国毁灭者的一个中转站 Dead Snow (2009)
Sepahua fits the description by the Amazon explorer Colonel Fawcett of somewhere that "looks a dump on the way in and a metropolis on the way out."[CN] Sepahua很符合亚马逊探险者福赛特团长的描述。 他曾经描述到: "进去的时候就象是一个中转站, 出来的时候又象是一个大都会"。 Full Circle with Michael Palin (1997)
It was our army's main stop on the route to India.[CN] 去印度最重要的中转站之一 The Count of Monte Cristo (1998)
It's at the next lap.[CN] 在前面那个中转站 Naoko (2008)
I came to Nande, a notorious way station for drug traffic.[CN] 主动要求下到南德 这个著名的毒品中转站 Goddess of Mercy (2003)
The bio-chip plugs directly into the thalamus, which not only regulates sleep, it also works as a relay tower to the cerebral cortex, which also controls motor function.[CN] 不光可以控制睡眠 还能作为大脑皮层的 中转站 Dream Logic (2009)
For god's sake, this is a relay station![CN] 金局长! 这里不是电台! 这里是中转站 Radio Star (2006)
They use France as a turntable... to flood Europe with their crap.[CN] 佢哋想利用法国作为中转站 令大量毒品涌入欧洲 Go Fast (2008)

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