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加勒比海[Jiā lè bǐ Hǎi, ㄐㄧㄚ ㄌㄜˋ ㄅㄧˇ ㄏㄞˇ, ] Caribbean Sea, #27,346 [Add to Longdo]

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Make it European and the Caribbean in the winter and...[CN] 不... 盖些欧洲章 要弄成我曾在冬天 到过欧洲和加勒比海 Absolute Power (1997)
Baines was working on a small island in the Caribbean called San Monique.[CN] 班恩在加勒比海圣莫尼克的小岛工作 Live and Let Die (1973)
There's barely enough left for Danny and I to have a cruise to the Caribbean.[CN] 所剩下来的 都不够我和丹尼去加勒比海游航. Duplex (2003)
I only wish my first trip to the Caribbean had been somewhere more romantic.[CN] 我是第一次来加勒比海 希望这儿更美些 Water (1985)
Who else could turn a vacation into a story that'll blow the lid off of corruption in the Caribbean?[CN] 还有谁能够将三星期的假期 变成揭发 加勒比海腐败内慕的报导呢? Superman III (1983)
- No, it's a parrot. - From the Caribbean.[CN] 不,是鸦鹅,加勒比海 Down Periscope (1996)
Dawes in New York, Hamilton in New Orleans and Baines in the Caribbean.[CN] 纽约的桃尔 新奥尔良的汉米顿... 加勒比海的班恩 Live and Let Die (1973)
Would you consider the cinema of the Caribbean?[CN] 看看这部加勒比海的影片怎么样? Mission: Impossible (1996)
Doenitz detached its submarines for the Caraíbas where still it had many ships circulating without escort.[CN] 邓尼茨现在将他的潜艇转到了加勒比海, 那里许多船仍在独立地航行 Wolf Pack: U-Boats in the Atlantic - 1939-1944 (1974)
He offers us two tickets to the Caribbean out of friendship.[CN] 他給我們兩張到加勒比海的票 Denial, Anger, Acceptance (1999)
Then one morning I awoke realizing I'd fallen asleep dreaming of the Caribbean.[CN] 直到有天 竟然梦到在加勒比海 The Barbarian Invasions (2003)
You heard about that business in the South Caribbean? I need the details.[CN] 听过南加勒比海那件事吗 我要详情 Clear and Present Danger (1994)
Why are there two flags in the Caribbean?[CN] 为什么加勒比海还有两面旗? Casino Royale (1967)
- while they took a Caribbean cruise.[CN] - 他们要去加勒比海游玩, Father of the Bride Part II (1995)
We're going to the Caribbean.[CN] 我们一定要去加勒比海 The Hot Spot (1990)
Youngest governor in the Caribbean.[CN] 加勒比海最年轻的总督 Water (1985)
When we're done, the Caribbean won't be a luxury.[CN] "我们做完的时候 加勒比海不是奢侈的地方" Intacto (2001)
North of Panama in the Caribbean Sea.[CN] 巴拿马北部,加勒比海. Beyond Borders (2003)
Here we have Barbados Ben.[CN] 这是加勒比海班尼 Stuart Little (1999)
- In...? - In the Caribbean, yes.[CN] 对是不是在加勒比海 Water (1985)
Welcome to the Caribbean, love.[CN] 欢迎光临加勒比海 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
U.S. shut down the entire Caribbean.[CN] 美国扫荡了加勒比海 Traffic (2000)
This is the fastest ship in the Caribbean.[CN] 这是加勒比海最快的船耶 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
Oh, the Caribbean.[CN] -加勒比海 Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997)
And let's go to the Caribbean.[CN] 不要收稿費了,我們去加勒比海旅行吧? Always on My Mind (1993)
My whole life, I dreamed about coming to the Caribbean.[CN] 我一生都梦想到加勒比海 GoldenEye (1995)
'Cause a year from now, when you kickin' it in the Caribbean, you gonna say to yourself, "Marsellus Wallace was right."[CN] 因为一年之后,当你在加勒比海想到它时 你会对自己说: 马沙 Pulp Fiction (1994)
The 30-year-old native of the Caribbean island of Antigua... was captured in a casino just days after an aspiring rap artist... was fatally beaten in a Queen's convenience store.[CN] 在加勒比海的一个叫安提瓜岛 的小岛在隐居了三十年之久... . 再过几天就要成为一个伟大的艺术家了 却被逮捕了... Cop Land (1997)
Now we can go to the Caribbean, you know. Take one of those cruise ships.[CN] 我们可以去加勒比海,我们可以坐游轮 Money for Nothing (1993)
Sarah, my dear, they don't expect us back until the evacuation of Cascara is complete.[CN] 莎娜亲爱的他们要我们留在 加勒比海直到卡斯卡洛全部撤空了 Water (1985)
You three gonna go to the Caribbean together?[CN] 你们三人是想要一起到加勒比海... Wild Things (1998)
'The UN today became the focus of world attention 'as the US delegate challenged the Russians 'to admit that their submarines had moved into the Caribbean.[CN] 聯合國今天成為了世界的焦點 因為有美國代表指責俄羅斯 說俄羅斯的潛艇 進入了加勒比海 Punishment Park (1971)
I mean, if it's in the Caribbean, surely we could encourage tourism. - No beach.[CN] 我看既然在加勒比海就能够发展旅游业 Water (1985)
We're obviously not going to the Caribbean station.[CN] 1040)\fs90\bord1\shad1\1cHF0F0F0}看来我们不是要去加勒比海 U-571 (2000)
Despite the heat and the popularity of more exotic Caribbean destinations Florida 's hospitality industry reports booming business from Orlando to the Keys.[CN] 虽然富有异国情调的加勒比海是 热门和流行的旅游地... ...佛罗里达州的好客也带动了快速发展的商机... ...从 奥兰多 到 凯斯 Analyze This (1999)
(San Monique, an Island in the Caribbean)[CN] 加勒比海的圣莫尼克岛 Live and Let Die (1973)
I was in the Caribbean at the time, embarked, doing military work, and the ship I was in was rerouted to the Brazilian coast at the time of the revolution.[CN] 有人从观众里站起来并说:"你看,那是不正确的, when someone from the audience stood up and said: " look, that is not true, 那时候我在加勒比海,乘船,干军队里的工作, I was in the Caribbean at the time, embarked, doing military work, 我所在的船只被改道去巴西海岸 and the ship I was in was rerouted to the Brazilian coast Jango (1984)
He was the Caribbean rep for a small armaments firm.[CN] 他是替一家军火公司 做加勒比海地区的推销员 The Day of the Jackal (1973)
I am leaving for the Caribbean now.[CN] 我现在要去加勒比海 Saboteur (1942)
You see, we always had Jonathan Pryce in place for the King.[CN] 我们已经请Jonathan Pryce演国王了 (Jonathan Pryce著名影星 出演过加勒比海盗2和3) Smallest Ant (2003)
The Caribbean, once known for its blue seas and sunny beaches, and now more noted as a hotbed of political turmoil, today gave us a new name to add to its catalogue of trouble spots.[CN] 加勒比海 过去以他的海水和海滩著称 现在变成了出名的政治 骚乱的温床 Water (1985)
Grenada.[CN] 是加勒比海 Heartbreak Ridge (1986)
- Jimmy Bond? This explains the Caribbean assignment.[CN] 他不是在加勒比海任职吗? Casino Royale (1967)
- No.[CN] 位于古巴加勒比海的美国海军基地」 Bad Boys II (2003)
Cruise. Caribbean. S.S. Sagafjord, 11th through the 29th.[CN] 加勒比海豪華游輪之旅 11日到29日 Pilot (1999)
Caribbean green.[CN] 加勒比海绿 The Devil's Advocate (1997)
Always talking about their Caribbean cruises and electric toothbrushes.[CN] 总是在谈论他们的加勒比海 巡航和电动牙刷。 The Swimmer (1968)
Didn't you say you love fishing in the Caribbeans?[CN] 你不是說加勒比海,你愛釣魚嘛? Always on My Mind (1993)
It goes direct from Hong Kong to the Caribbeans,[CN] 由香港一直去加勒比海 Always on My Mind (1993)
For the Caribbean.[CN] 加勒比海 The Hot Spot (1990)

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