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English-Thai: NECTEC's Lexitron-2 Dictionary [with local updates]
fling off[PHRV] โยนทิ้ง, See also: ขว้างทิ้ง, เขวี้ยงทิ้ง, Syn. cast off, chuck off
fling off[PHRV] หนีรอดจาก, See also: หลุดพ้น, หมดภาระ, เป็นอิสระจาก (สิ่งที่ไม่ต้องการ), Syn. chuck off, shake off, throw off
fling off[PHRV] ทำให้พ่ายแพ้
fling off[PHRV] ส่ง (กลิ่น, ความร้อน) ออกมา, Syn. give forth, give off, give out
fling off[PHRV] เขียนง่าย, Syn. dash off
fling off[PHRV] พูดไม่ระวังปาก, Syn. put in
fling off[PHRV] หงุดหงิด, See also: อารมณ์เสีย, Syn. fling away, fling out

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
かなぐり捨てる[かなぐりすてる, kanagurisuteru] (v1) to fling off; to throw off; to throw to the winds [Add to Longdo]
払い除ける;払い退ける;払いのける[はらいのける, harainokeru] (v1,vt) to ward off; to brush away; to fling off; to drive away [Add to Longdo]

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From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]:

  fling off
      v 1: write quickly; "She dashed off a note to her husband saying
           she would not be home for supper"; "He scratched off a
           thank-you note to the hostess" [syn: {dash off}, {scratch
           off}, {knock off}, {toss off}, {fling off}]

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